Louisiana Industries Affected by Oil Spill

The environmental effects of Deepwater Horizon’s recent oil spill are widespread. Environmental agencies and interest groups are already mobilizing to try to contain the oil in the best possible way.
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At best, they will be able to keep the oil off the coast and contained in the gulf. However, the spread is much more likely to continue. And in the worst case, it will begin to spread across the east coast.
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Despite the unavoidable far-reaching implications, the most damaged area will be Louisiana. Many of Louisiana’s largest industries are already suffering from this leak (as we write a month) and only get worse over time.
This article will explore which industries are most at risk.

Industries at risk

Cameroon: Shrimp has been one of the pillars of Louisiana since before the 19th century. They have a long and well established tradition. Unfortunately, one of the first industries to panic was the shrimp industry.
They realized the fragility of the ecosystem around their harvest and understood that oil would be devastating. This fact was so widely acknowledged that the state declared an emergency station for shrimps a few days after the spill, knowing that all shrimps would need to gather something to sustain themselves in the coming months and perhaps even years.
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Oyster farmers: Approximately 4,800 jobs in Louisiana are based on oyster farming and are now all at risk. Like shrimps, oyster farming is largely done through mariculture, which means agriculture across the sea.
Other fishing ventures: With the ocean so abundant and so close, LA has come to rely heavily on all fishing industries. This includes other lesser known ventures.
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Louisiana Tourism Industries: The tourism industry is a vast network of travel agencies, reservation networks, hotels, tour guides and more. Every part of this elaborate chain will begin to suffer as more and more people avoid the oil-filled waters off the Louisiana coast. This will even affect nearby cities if smoke starts to leak in the back.
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Beachfront Properties and Real Estate: Not only is the value of Los Angeles Coast real estate property in short-term trouble, but the entire real estate industry will have to change and evolve, depending on how long the cleaning takes and how deeply rooted the environmental effects are related to. spill.
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Boat operatorsThere are many reasons to own and operate a boat in Louisiana, whether it be for sightseeing, orienteering, fishing or recreation. All of these owners will need to carefully monitor the damage their ships receive and reduce where and when they can actually get out into the water.
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Oil Industry Workers: It may be easy to think of oil industry workers as “the enemy” now, but they are just people trying to earn an honest living. The severe reaction to this incident is likely to jeopardize many of the oil initiatives around LA and potentially decrease available jobs.
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Restaurateurs: Many restaurants in Louisiana are based on seafood. They have long relied on nearby fish resources to keep their stock fresh and delicious.
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Not only will restaurant owners suffer from a shortage of stock and rising import prices, but also all the individuals who work at these restaurants and the people who work in the fish “pipeline” who keep supply meeting demand.

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As you can imagine, the sectors described here are not an exhaustive list of all that will be affected. Only time will reveal how many individuals and industries will have to drastically change to survive (and how many will not).


Discount New Orleans Hotels

New Orleans is located in Louisiana. New Orleans is a popular vacation destination for Americans and foreign tourists and is well connected.
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There does not seem to be a off-season when it comes to tourists visiting New Orleans. However, tour operators and hoteliers offer substantial discounts when the tourist flow is low. These discount offers are beneficial for tourists as they make the accommodations affordable. These discount offers may include free accommodation for children or even offer free accommodation from an additional family to each family visiting the area.
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New Orleans hoteliers can offer students discounts by presenting valid ID cards. Older tourists and a large group of tourists are likely to receive discounts on group bookings. This is beneficial for hoteliers and tourists. At other times, discounts are offered to advertise new hotels or developments in older hotels.
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It is suitable for tourists to make advance reservations when deciding a vacation. Early bookings can provide a guarantee for bookings and prevent unwanted events such as getting stuck on arrival in New Orleans. These hotels may require tourists to provide credit card details in advance. It is advisable to consult the reputation of the hotel in question and the return policies before booking a discounted holiday. The customer service department of the website where the visitor booked the trip can confirm the status of a hotel. Discounts may reduce accommodation or meal expenses or may be a combination of both.

New Orleans also boasts the “Best Streets in the World for Antiquities”, Royal Street and Charters Street. Both have collections of museum quality furniture, art and jewelry. Downtown New Orleans is an area that offers a wide range of leisure and shopping arenas.

There are many online sites available that will help visitors explore many other activities to make their vacation an enjoyable experience.

People can also call their travel agent or local area tourist board directly.

Abigail: There are no ghosts here!

Many of Victoria's oldest restaurants and accommodations and even the Royal Victoria Golf Course have ghost stories attached to them. Guests at Abigail's Hotel often ask for the ghost story and the incredibly attentive staff would love to tell one. Unfortunately, the ghosts were not revealed.

The Abigail's Hotel is situated on the edge of downtown Victoria, just steps from the Inner Harbor and is truly one of Victoria's best kept secrets. Well, no more! I'm letting the cat out of the bag! I have lived here for over 20 years and moved countless times, each time wondering what it was like. I have been to several grand old hotels and all were good but often disappointing. Not so with Abigail.

As we passed the hotel entrance, we immediately noticed the well-kept English gardens. Passing between the Coach House and the inn, both buildings look very similar. At first glance we could not say that they were built 50 years apart. We parked and were immediately greeted by Tomas, the super friendly front desk attendant. He guides us to our room and fully informs us about the hotel and the services. Breakfast in bed looks attractive, but we opted for breakfast with the other guests.

Our room is spacious and decorated with just about every amenity we could wish for. Are the delicious welcome biscuits, the cozy sofa in front of the fireplace, the four-poster bed or the private marble bathroom with a spa bath and rain shower? Our room is decorated with rustic furniture, goose down comforters and pillows, silk bedspread and elegant pillows. It is luxurious and very comfortable.

The main building's library is a meeting point, and between 5 AM and 7 AM complimentary drinks and snacks are available. Soon we met friendly people from Louisiana, Nevada, Ontario, and Alberta. Tomas is at hand taking good care of us.

For dinner, we take a short walk to downtown, no more than 3 or 4 blocks. We visited the very popular Noodle House to find out what all this mess is about. Well, not what we anticipated, but a unique experience and very tasty food! I didn't expect to spoil my wife with chopsticks and a carton box, but nothing is too good for my queen!

In the morning we sat down for a great gourmet breakfast. A large table accommodates most guests. Arriving late, we sat at the table for four people and soon joined a young couple from Oregon. Abigail & # 39; s was designed and operated so that people can easily interact with each other, enhancing the pleasure of the visit. If you seek privacy, the spacious rooms may be your private hideaway and you can order your breakfast in bed!

After breakfast, Marion Hansen (General Manager) takes us on a tour of the hotel. Each room is unique, but all have the same special touches that make Abigail unique. All employees, from marketing, management, housekeeping and meals, are very friendly and helpful. It's hard to imagine why anyone would be anywhere else.

You can tell how much they care, especially when Marion tells us how they invite some of the neighbors to Christmas dinner. The owner's philosophy is certainly well established in all staff and is evident in the care and attention to detail in both the design and style of the hotel and the service provided to guests.

When we check out, we are presented with a small bag containing two bottles of water, goodies and a guide to other "selected accommodations". Working in tourism really makes me appreciate the companies that take it seriously. This business really earned its "five stars".

So now it's time to go sightseeing! Our choice for the day is to visit the Victoria Art Gallery. The Art Gallery is minutes from Abigail and is within historic Spencer Mansion in the Rockland neighborhood. We go there because there is an art exhibit by Takao Tanabe, an artist born in Seal Cove, British Columbia. The artist receives several important awards and is internationally recognized. His art offers a unique view of the land, sea and sky apparent in his vast and beautiful landscape paintings. The formidable size of his paintings presents an inspiring view of Canada and particularly the west coast.

We continued our exploration going to Sydney by the Sea for lunch. As we come to most local restaurants, we are looking for a new experience. A friend mentioned the Dakota restaurant at the Victoria Flying Club, so let's check it out! From our table we can see the runway, so that throughout the lunch a variety of planes approach.

We heard that breakfasts were award winning and found that they serve breakfast on weekends all day. We made our selection and enjoyed a very good lunch.

After lunch, we explore Sydney and do some shopping and sightseeing.

On the way home, I reflect on our fabulous stay at Abigail's. I am thinking of ghost stories that I could make up for by inquiring minds. The fact is, they just don't need a ghost. Abigail sells herself!

Abigail Thoughts: Peaceful, quiet, comfortable, luxurious, but not ostentatious, friendly, a meeting place, charming, romantic, very special. The best accommodations in Victoria!

Lucio Fulci – The Beyond (Seven Doors of Death) (1981): Gory Goodies

Italian horror film director Lucio Fulci, who was aptly nicknamed Gore's best man, made his extremely elegant (and jaw-dropping) supernatural zombie movie The 1980, and split the shoot between the scenic New Orleans and a studio in Italy. Not released in the US until 1983 in a heavily truncated format titled "The Seven Gates of Death", it had already achieved some overseas success and gained some fans who loved its vivid cinematography, strange atmosphere and cutting-edge effects, which are short on time. and are turning their stomachs to this day.

The film did not see an uncut American release until 1998, nearly 20 years after it was made, when horror fanatic Quentin Tarantino had a restored master copy and exhibited it at festivals across the country, and the uncut version was released. on the US DVD right after. The Beyond is the second part of Fulci's notorious Death Trilogy, which includes Gates of Hell (aka City of the Living Dead) and House by the Cemetery and will more than satisfy viewers who enjoyed one of these movies or movies. of Italian terror. general. It's one of Fulci's fastest and conventionally funniest rhythm movies, but at the same time it's full of the poetic and persistent images of the director's trademark.

The opening prologue of 1927 is an example of Fulci's affinity for displaying torture and murder of mafias and has a young artist in a Louisiana hotel named Schweike (Antoine Saint-John) being accused by a crowd of vigilante raving devotees. witchcraft and managed brutally beaten with chains, crucified with nails and melted to a skeleton with quicklime buckets. 54 years later, New York model and dancer Liza Merril (Catriona MacColl, who also starred in Gates of Hell and House through the cemetery) inherits the now abandoned property and relocates with plans to restore it and put it to use again. an inn. But luckily, the hotel is haunted and doesn't want to be reopened, and soon the spirit of Schweike trapped indoors is unleashed and ready to wreak havoc on the world. In the end, he does this by turning the corpses into a nearby morgue into reaminated zombies under his control, and relying on Liza and local doctor John McCabe (David Warbeck) to end his reign of bloody terror. .

The heavy blood in The Beyond becomes almost mystical in its cruelty. Joe the Plumber (Giovanni De Nava) has a rotten but powerful hand, crossing a wall in the hotel basement and digging into Joe's face; The sinister maid and guardian of the Martha hotel (Veronica Lazar, from hell) is impaled on the back of her neck with a rusty nail on the wall that takes her right eye out of place; There is a scene where a man is eaten alive by hungry flesh tarantulas, with nasty creatures taking their eyes off the place and eating. A blind and sinister young girl with psychic abilities named Emily (Cinzia Monreale, by Joe D's Amato's Buried Alive), who warns Liza that the hotel is possessed by an evil force and that she must leave the place. . bitten ear and throat torn by his own dog of sight when the animal becomes possessed by the spirit of Schweike.

There is more use of quicklime in a bizarre scene where a widow dresses her husband's corpse in a morgue when a glass jar of caustic material mysteriously spills a shelf on top of her face and head, melting the flesh. her. Talented special effects artist Giannetto De Rossi, who has often worked on Fulci films, exhibits more excellent work here, as does veteran cinematographer Sergio Salvati. Beyond is filled with few eccentricities that positively identify it as a Fulci movie, such as heavy use of zoom lenses and close-ups of characters. eyes as they experience fear and / or pain. As a side note, I recommend the Aquarius Releasing DVD for its bonus commentary track featuring stars Catriona MacColl and David Warbeck (who unfortunately died of throat cancer soon after recording it).

The Beyond is one of Lucio Fulci's most beloved films. It has a great smoky New Orleans atmosphere (despite being filmed mostly in an Italian studio) that reminds me a lot of Lamberto Bava's 1980 necrophilia classic, Macabre (Frozen Terror). Like the other Death Trilogy films, The Beyond is cryptic, bloody and decidedly not for everyone, but those horror fans who can handle its enigmatic and bloody nature will probably love it. I consider it the best movie of the supernatural death trilogy, supernatural and rated a 7.5 out of 10.

The five-legged horse

Kids can say the funniest things. Art Linkletter, in the days of black-and-white television, has clearly shown that children, when given the opportunity, can make unexpected and hilarious statements.

When our children were young, like many Louisianans, we would go to Destin, Florida, on the Cajun Riviera, for a few days at the beach. In this particular year, we lived in Monroe, Louisiana, where I was a professor at Northeast Louisiana University, now the University of Louisiana-Monroe. Our daughter was six and our son was four when we started this summer, on the sunny shores of Destin. This was before Interstate 10, so we traveled the scenic Highway 90 route when it was time to head east. With our beach towels, inflatable water toys and a reservation at a beachfront hotel, we were ready to leave and we were all looking forward to the trip.

Your parents who have traveled by car with children know that experience can overwhelm the nervous system, patience, and the desire to stop the car and leave you on the roadside. "He's touching me." She is on my side of the bench. "" He's not taking turns with the binoculars, daddy. "" Mom, she's pinching me. "And finally," Are we here yet? "We sang songs, played" I spy "and count the number of animals we saw on the roads we walked. Charlene, my wife and I looked at each other and wondered why we wanted children. We scolded them, threatened to turn around and go home. We promised them "breaks" when we arrived at our hotel room and many other powerless threats to their welfare.

I have always believed in sex education for all children, starting at a very young age and extending throughout their school years. Unfortunately, the state of Louisiana and its school systems during the time when my children were young and in public schools did not. Therefore, my wife and I feel the need to inform our children about important questions about their sexual parts, regarding their age ability to understand and value the knowledge imparted. I share this information with you now, because it is pertinent to this true and funny story of the five-legged horse. Part of our initial introduction to our children was to teach them the proper names of their genitals. For example, it was not called a 'wee', or tee-shirt ', but its penis. For her, it was not called, you know the names; it was her vagina. Other sexual parts were given proper names.

Now back to our journey to Destin. We were driving through a rural area and in the fields there were some horses. I was busy eyeing the road when suddenly my son was slapping me on the shoulder: "Daddy, look, a five-legged horse!" I looked toward the pointing finger and there was a horse with a rather impressive erection. Before I could respond to my son's excited announcement, my daughter interrupted, "Hey, stupid, this isn't a leg, it's a penis and you have one too!" My son started crying immediately, I suspect that fearing his penis would grow to this size. My wife and I couldn't stop laughing, thinking, "Son, if you're so lucky."

Our children are now 48 and 46 years old, with children of their own, and have heard my account of this trip several times, and we still find it funny. So when I hear someone plan a trip to Destin, I am brought back to the memory of the five-legged horse. Art, you're right, kids say the funniest things.

I used this true and hopefully funny story as a long introduction to the importance of sex education for our children and to draw their attention to an important parenting function – sex education. Today, kids know a lot about sex, especially from other kids and the media, especially from social media, Facebook and so on. Much of what they are exposed to is inaccurate and is not linked to healthy values ​​and responsible guidance. Parents can offer appropriate knowledge housed in a manner consistent with the values ​​that will guide their child to make safe and healthy choices.

Parents should not be concerned about their important role in sex education. I wrote about this subject earlier in a previous post. "Tips for talking to your teen about sex." Please go to this article and take the initiative to help your children. When you remember the story of "The Five-Legged Horse," smile and teach.

New Orleans Hotel Rates

New Orleans is a port and the largest city in Louisiana. It is located in southeastern Louisiana, near the mouth of the Mississippi River. New Orleans is rapidly recovering from the disastrous effects of Hurricane Katrina. This has not prevented tourists from visiting New Orleans and remains a favorite travel destination because of its natural beauty and historical legacy. Many hotels and other travel-related businesses have reopened and tourists are returning to New Orleans.

Hotel rates depend mainly on the type of amenities offered. Most large hotels are five or four star establishments, offering amenities such as conference rooms, casinos, swimming pools, spas and fitness centers. Hotels in the chain, such as Le` Pavilion, Sheraton New Orleans, are on the luxury hotel list. Rates for these hotels range from $ 249 per night and rooms usually need to be booked in advance.

Moderately priced hotels include three- and two-star establishments that can cost travelers between $ 100 and $ 200 a night. Inns, motels and guesthouses are some of the reasonable hotels that offer good bargains and are preferred by many. Although they may have few amenities, the comfort and hospitality of the inns is commendable. Many even serve home cooked meals. They cost between $ 30 and $ 100 a night and can easily be found in the city's hotel listings.

To confirm the status of a hotel, it is advisable to contact the customer service department of the website where visitors booked their trip. They may even call your travel agent directly or the local area tourist board. There are many online sites available that will help visitors make reservations over the Internet. People are advised to ensure that the credit card information provided is accurate. Incorrect information may result in cancellation of booking.

Hotels & Casinos in New Orleans

There are several casinos and hotels located in New Orleans and most of them offer different types of special packages and gaming facilities. One of New Orleans' most famous and famous casinos is the Harrah's Hotel Casino, a 27-storey tower building with a maximum of 115,000 square feet and a total of 450 deluxe rooms and suites with 90 games. 2,100 slot machines and a poker room.

The newly built award winning Harrah's Hotel Casino is located in Louisiana's most invigorating city center, near the bottom of Canal Street in New Orleans, just one block from the Mississippi River and the French Quarter. Harrah's Hotel Casino is the only private land in Louisiana as there are many other casinos that build their gaming facilities on a floating boat.

Harrah's Hotel Casino features many of the hottest and latest table games. It offers 10 varieties of table games to choose from and over 100 tables, of which 20 are for poker tables. There is also baccarat and roulette blackjack and faster action games. You can place your bet in the game of doubling dice. There is no boredom in place of Harrah's Hotel Casino.

While feeling tired and exhausted during a full day of playing and other activities, relax and enjoy the luxurious, large rooms and suites provided by Harrah's Hotel Casino, featuring deluxe king-size beds, pillow-top mattresses, a sleeper connection. High speed internet and flat screen TVs. Rooms are well-appointed and maintained, complemented by crisp white sheets and comforters, window walls that showcase the entire city of Louisiana and its river, large closets for personal effects and objects, electronic safes, clock radios, coffee makers, and custom refrigerators.

Room facilities also include separate bathrooms, ample counter space and glass showers, wet bars with hairdryers, complimentary toiletries, and individual bathrobes and towels. Rest assured of its 24-hour room service and 24-hour butler service. Non-smoking and handicap accessible rooms are also available.

The hotel facilities are a combination of old and new iron with flower box from the first floor to the third floor, and the rest of the floors are designed with a touch of southern styles. The hotel's lobby features flawlessly twisted art craftsmanship filled with local art collections. There are also good restaurants and food available with the live music band during peak seasons.

The in-house restaurants serve a buffet, with Sunday jazz banquets, rich English and French menus, necessary delicacies and hamburgers. Starbucks is also present. Besh Steakhouse is inviting where the open kitchen is decorated with cool blue wall paintings that add and provide an elegant setting for healthy meals. Wine and drinks are also available.

In keeping with the hotel's services, the entire concierge staff is well-trained and motivated, making them one of the best concierge staff in town for guest relations. Harrah's Hotel Casino offers equal opportunities to its employees. It is your commitment to offer exceptional privileges and benefits to your deserving employees.

They comply with rules and regulations in terms of hiring employees, without discrimination in terms of race, gender identity, color, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or even veteran status. All persons, employees and employees of Harrah's Hotel Casino are of legal age. They do not allow minors or children under 21 to enter play areas. This policy applies in your areas of employment, including hiring, recruiting, promotions, training, transfers, benefits, compensation, and social and recreational programs. That's why they have the best and best staff and staff who give Harrah's Hotel Casino a winning experience and a successful combination of guest and visitor accommodation.