Stop the Prevention Technique for the Holidays

In the holiday season, many people fall into our lives to drink or smoke. It surprises you when you are surrounded by friends and family, and someone drinks you. Maybe your old friends return to the city and get out of the fun night, which quickly turns into a smoking or worse thing. There are methods of prevention of injuries that can help you or your loved one to avoid these confusion. Empowering your soberness and overcoming your temptations, especially during the holiday season, will create a solid foundation for your future recovery.

You never know what happens at holidays, or it's Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year? Some even feel like "Holiday Blues," which is sad when it's in the festivals. It can be for a variety of reasons, from lack of family interaction to loneliness or change in weather. This can lead to repeated repetition because it prevents depression quickly and easily. For example, if you come back on Thanksgiving Day, it does not mean you should continue to use and beat that mistake.

These shortcomings in the trial do not mean you and there and there are many steps you can take to eliminate it. We calm down on some of the most effective remedial techniques that you can add to your arsenal when emotions or aspirations are felt.

  • Let's remind that preparation is the key to success. What other ways to enjoy the day of drinking?
  • Practice the HALT technique: Avoid starving, angry, lonely or tired before taking part in a festive public event
  • Find new festive events and traditions that you have never tried in the past that do not include alcohol
  • if there are others in your family who see your absence as negative, negative, negative, negative, and comment on how to get hammered for their choice. It's not unusual for such people to try to get you to join them.
  • Take care of yourself before the festivities and celebrations. Sufficient sleep, regular eating, exercising and remembering that it's easy. (relax)

Keeping up with the season's sober period is an important time for addicts and alcohol, and those who can need help to reach the resources they can not use.

Source by Dariusz K