Top 10 car rental features for your holiday

You just ordered your long-awaited holiday, but the images on the sunbathing beach are replaced by the idea of ​​organizing all the details included in the transaction. More than planning your trip rather than just booking your air ticket, placement, and car rental.

Car Rental Comparison web sites are fantastic for suggesting all the relevant information you need to provide you with all the details you need for your worthy celebration, just to complete your holiday package.

Here are the top ten of useful functions for your car rental.

  1. The airport's airport . After leaving your car, we want the left hand to be in the best possible hands, but for that value it is worth nothing.
  2. Airport Hotels When booking your car, you tend to find some good suggestions that allow you to save each other together.
  3. G

    and the VIP lounge runs and rests up to 3 hours before your flight, as well as in a quiet area with free drinks and snacks, so you can relax until you start your holiday.

  4. Unlimited car rental insurance It's always the best thing to have a good package when traveling in different countries may take some time to use differences to make you a little worried.
  5. Global Sim Cards The use of your cellphone from abroad can be very expensive, even if you get calls. The World Sim card when you have your international phone number is yours for life, and since it's prepaid, you have not come to the house that is a delicate bill.
  6. Sat Lease Lease Forget these old paper maps and hire a satellite navigation system for your holiday, wherever you are in the world, you can be sure that you will not lose.
  7. Free foreign currency card. Avoid the inconvenience when you exchange money, and use a foreign currency card as any credit card.
  8. Travel Insurance. Now it's possible to customize your travel insurance to meet all of your holiday requirements not only for you but for all others.
  9. Flight Status Knowing whether your flight is timely or does not mean that any holiday is a good start. Using flight intelligence or flight alerts, it is guaranteed that you will never miss a flight.
  10. Travel Forum. You do not know when traveling anywhere, it's always difficult to get all the information you just got right at your destination, to help you get to the best places to visit and help everyone share your holiday experiences with future travelers.

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