Virgin Islands to see your holidays

The United States of America is a group of small islands in the Caribbean Islands that come to the US territory. Mainly the islands are the geographical part of the archipelago of the Virgin Islands and are located in the Leward Islands of Small Antilles. The United States Virgin Islands are mainly composed of three main islands. St. Croix, St. John's and St. Thomas and surrounded by mirror islands. The total area of ​​the island is 346.36 square kilometers.

The United States Virgin Islands is the place where you can enjoy your holidays completely. There are a few tourist destinations that you can explore and experience more than a vacation experience. One of the highest places in the islands is St. Thomas is on the island. This place offers many attractions such as Fort Christian. It is the oldest structure in the Virgin Islands. This castle was built in 1671. Danish side. Now this building is used as a government building, as well as a church and a court building. Until 1983 This fort was used as a prison.

To meet another historic island location, you can visit Blackbeard & Castle. Another oldest building on the island. Today, this restaurant is a famous restaurant and hotel. It likes guests with great hospitality and pleasure. While enjoying a beautiful view of St. Louis Thomas, you can enjoy Sky Ride. This is a few minutes away from the passenger terminal. It allows you to witness the best natural scenery, seeing a 700 feet high, seeing the Charlotte Amalie port. In addition, you can also help with the Trail Walking that will give you a more lock-in look and personal interaction with the island's natural beauty.

For all those who love shopping and want to explore the various orders of the world, here is the best for them. St. Thomas is the commercial capital of the United States Virgin Islands. To make this place a paradise for a full-fledged procurement, the government announced that it was a mandatory free zone. It means the best jewelry for branded clothing. You will get everything at a competitive price. It's worth noting that you have to carry an extra baggage baggage as you can not stop buying a few things.

The United States Virgin Islands are also famous for its amazing water sports. This place has clear crystal clear water, breathing, acquisition of maral reefs, thousands of colorful tropical fish and the best in water sports. If you are a fan of Paradise under water, it is a perfect place for you. Here you can get a life-time experience for diving.

You can also visit the national historical-cultural and ecological warehouse located in the Salt River Valley. This is home to thousands of mango trees, marble sailboats and submarines, surrounded by the sea.

Source by Andy Gibson