Summer vacation in Tuscany

Summer is summer time so you can travel and celebrate holidays in those places.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy is the Tuscany region in the summer. It is famous in many spheres of the world – cities, art, beauty of rural areas, exclusive seaside resorts, as well as good food and wine.

Among the cities in Tuscany, the most visited is, of course, Florence.

Florence is the capital of Tuscany. Every year, this city is visited by millions of tourists, most of whom come in the summer. After the heat Florence's historical center is full of people. They follow the routes of major tours and important monuments and gather in summer in the streets and in the streets of the old town.

This famous Italian city offers unique monuments and unique works of great historical and artistic value. Florence also offers a great selection of good food and good wine lovers that are produced not far from the city in the famous Chianti villages.

In Tuscany, Iden Florence also has other important cities that have been renamed into their artistic beauty. Among them are Siena, Pisa, Lucca and many other ancient and medieval villages. These places represent exceptional evidence of the past and the wealthiest and most complete of centuries history.

Those who love beauty, moreover, art, Tuscany can offer a great periphery. For those who love to spend their summer holidays on seaside resorts, it is a perfect place.

Nature lovers can choose from different types of places, from highland areas that offer scenic scenes and even higher mountain areas reaching more than a thousand feet.

There are also rural residential areas that allow you to spend time in wildlife and have a fascinating landscape with beautiful landscapes.

Even those who like to spend their summer holidays with the sea have a great selection. The area Versilia offers great and comfortable beaches with great amenities. In Versilia there are well-known resorts of Forte dei Marmi, Pietrasanta and Viareggio.

This area has been known by the VIP and not only by the Italians. These sites have a great selection of hotels, restaurants, bars and discos that enliven summer days and nights. For those of you who prefer to try the sea more wildly, the lower coastal area south, you fall in love with the places that are characterized by excellent reefs enjoying underwater fishing.

Although Tuscany also offers celebrations in great, charming and beautiful islands, such as the island of Elba and Giglio. These places are designed for boat lovers who can spend a great time finding hidden trees and beaches in the sea.

Source by Susanna Mantovani