What do you see in your holidays to Guernsey?

British Crown's dependence, located on the shores of the state of Normand, is the island of Guernsey, the island of which is next to the islands. It's not part of the UK, though the crown knows. This small island consists of two main demographics: Bas-Pas, a low-altitude sand region and a southern plain that is at a high level. The atmosphere is fresh all around, but the summers are warm, but they do not ignore it.

For people who want to go to Guernsey, it should be planned in August because it is the best time to see sights. To see from anywhere, the following five can not be missed.

The capital of the island St. Peter's port must be visited by all those who fly to Guernsey. There are many rich sailors and owners of their owners who offer their services to people who are interested in seeing the sights of the islands. The mix of different architectural styles and western influences is very visible in its kind. Those who go shopping will find all the products, jewelry, clothes, and even technology-related devices that are much cheaper than anywhere else.

In Guernsey, low-abundant moisture in La Clichy's lake has one of the best natural resources on this side of the world. Reed beds, wet loungies and very open spaces – this is a place for several exotic birds, teachers, and even ducks. Some of the endangered species of birds, such as the Water Dragon, are regular every August, so if you travel this time, make sure your targets are ready.

One of the larger wards in Guernsey, St. Samson is the oldest churches in the region. Drive to this church to see how beautiful the architecture is and the sophisticated designs on the walls are still alive. In the parish area there is a prison complex, the skating rink, the Delans sack and even the Sassonson Secondary School. The large area is constantly intricate to activity and people around the world.

Guernsey Diamond Museum is a museum that is one of the best clean diamonds in the world and decorations love them. Having a few fine fabrics and a few gemstones made of thousands of diamonds, it is a long experience for many.

Port Talbot is a valley with lush greenery and has beautiful meadows on the roads, which makes it difficult to drive this way. People who come to Guernsey always say that they are passing through this Talbot Valley as soon as they can scare their eyes on something that looks like a picture out of the picture.

Source by Andy Gibson