8 Ways to Overcome Holiday Concerns:

When we celebrate holidays, it is easy to feel depressed and stressful. After all, there are plenty of things to do, and so many details, big and small, to organize and surpass. There are candidates to buy (and pack); decorate the house. preparing food. Relatives are resting (think of their mother). The legs of the list are endless.

However, to handle a number of problems and 24 hours in just one day, how can you prevent the previous festive stress from becoming his ugly head and coming out? After all, stress is inevitable … right.

Well, maybe not. If you have the right tools and the right thinking. Here are eight ways to enjoy your holidays without stressing them.

-> 1. Watch your money.

This is the picture. Your kids are pushing for the latest Nintendo Wii. your sister confessed to Prada tote. your husband would like to love a new collection of golf clubs … The gimme factor lasted and the list of I-gotta-var continues.

Of course, it feels good that you spend your bulk money for your love. But when the visa bill appears in your mailbox, the emotional factor undermines the gloomy and sad fear, "How do I pay for all of this?"

The secret, which is not confidential, is the financial means. you will not hit your birth at once. Staying in your budget is out of your reach. Do not worry about the last or greatest stress, and the disappointment of your friends and family is the last thing you want to do. But stay awake at night, worry about how you are going to fund your holiday expenses, the shock is much worse.

Stress-free solution. Gifts from the store are, of course, the easiest way, and the underwear in the home never comes out of style. And a good emotional factor. Happiness. (For crafty inspiration, go to http://www.Michaels.com).

-> 2. Leisurely Snack.

Eating and drinking in holiday festivals may seem like snow in December. But congestion comes with a high price, weight gain.

To supplement this holiday season (and we do not talk about your king bed bed), avoid the grave like a grave. This does not mean you have to abstain from all yummy holiday fare. No way! Just do not use holidays as walnuts to go nuts. Key? Moderators; moderation; moderation.

Stress-free solution. A small but satisfying pre-dinner snack – a fatty yogurt container. 100 calorie packages, microwave popcorn or oatmeal. 10 almonds. cheese stick to keep you from dessert table. (For more tips and graphics related to food, including everyday fitness and calorie / nutrition calculator –
go to http://www.fitday.com)

-> 3. Design:

If you, as the majority of Americans, have purchased most of your holiday gifts at the last minute, you are not making an episode of yourself. Not only the split second shopping adds stress-burden loads, but it does not spoil bad decisions, ends with more money than before you planned and did your holiday shopping on election day.

Clock return is not an option (who really thinks it is snowing in September), but that does not mean that next year can not plan ahead. When your breath turned up and your lights flashed, hitting post-sale sales and removing all your deals from year to year, birthday, anniversary, wedding and baby swimwear, holiday gifts, etc. Will you be happy?

Stress-free solution. Shop online! Even though you can not get any serious deals, do not worry. Savings that you will get, are prudently worth the price. (For non-commercial trading solutions, organized on occasion, go to http://www.gifts.com)

-> 4. Stores out of the peak.

If you have to hit the mall on December 24 and say, you have not warned yourself to take a mitvah and go off-peak hours. According to my cousin Sarah, who can cheat 300 minutes for sale, the best time to go for a walk is from 4.30pm to 6.30pm – dinnertime! I tried it (black Friday), and found that no ghost town, the pre-dinnertime shopping center was quite restless.

Stress-free solution. Use your pupil to think that out of the box (or store as it may be).

-> 5. Keep expectations realistic.

For many people, holidays may be emotionally nervous, paying so much attention to cheerful, cheerful and gay (happy happiness, not the direct eye for the man). But not everyone feels dancing around the choir during the holiday season, especially if there is a sad event, tragedy or loss of family (death, divorce, divorce, etc.).

Stress Solution: If you can keep your eye on the prize, thank you for your health. House; performance work; supportive family and friends are less likely to feel "less" because your life is all the roses, sunflowers and smiling faces (which in any case exceeds).

-> 6. Live in harmony (or at least fake). Celebrations seek to bring families together, which is not always a good thing, especially if your family is more Osborn than Osmond. But that's fine. No family is perfect, and you do not need it.

At the same time, the holidays are not at the time of emotional conflicts, ugly domestic violence, or dirty linen penetration. If you deceive your aunt Blanche, ____ (choose an accusation) there is no rule saying that you can not keep it. Your bedroom is not a Jerry Springer rink. In other words, come back.

Stress-free solution. Avoid the emotional family confrontation, at least until the mistletoe has been removed.

-> 7. Customer assignments.

Of course, everyone thinks you are Superwoman and you are in many ways. But that does not mean you have to do festive shopping, wrap up the presents, clean house, chef, serve and clean the dinner, and stay in the joyful festive mood at the same time. Do you deserve any help?

Asks one of the ways to get help. But tell people around you what you expect from them, what you need, is often the most effective way to get the job done.

Stress-free solution. "Do not ask, do not say," does not work in military operations and it will not work during the holiday season. So ask. Tell me:

-> 8. Add some fun fun.

Runs like an invisible chicken, does not serve any purpose, and does not make you feel like it's a ridiculous chicken. Besides, there was a better way to get there. As for those who are trying to actually enjoy these changes.

Of course, putting your feet and enjoying a ski slope is easier said than done, especially when the list of your to-do is the opponent of the boy. But there is one way. Try enjoying the holiday preparation process.

Instead of stealing your festive cards, for example, some festive music (my choice, James Taylor on Christmas Holidays), hug a hot, dumb and pen pen and write. Before you know, your list will end and you really enjoy the process. What kind of concept?

Stress-free solution. Your inner Mary Pierce and think: "In every work that needs to be done / There is an element of fun / You find the fun and magic. / Jobs is playing. " Hey, if she worked for Mary …

Source by Melissa Roske