5 Tips to avoid holiday rentals

We were all there …

It's half winter, it's too cold and the days are just beginning and ending. Not fun. And we begin to think or fantasizing about the long summer days when the nights seem endless, and you can actually do something better than …. see.

We need to become a rope and wait for bright glasses. What's better than a family holiday? We travel the net when we sit in our cold study, look at luxury hotels, motels, holiday homes, and then look at our lists. An amazing holiday rental is just in the area we want. Well, what do we say and investigate? Holiday rentals are secret, it is interesting, it has amazing scenes with sparkling sand, modern design, it's called, it has. Wow! we say: Betting that will cost a fortune. So we strongly press for the price of the inspection. The price rises, we rush to math and calculate that it's actually not too bad. The daily price per person is much more than the local caravan park. What is the bark? We send an email request.

In a few days, the owner will be in contact with us for the price and bank details so that we can pay the deposit. Everyone reads, and we go ahead, we are sure that we have a great holiday for the family. We are sitting with a sulfur smile that is very pleased with us.

The festive time is coming. We ship the car to the family and we are on the way. After six hours we are tired of fighting the roads and other drivers, the family is spotty, forced to sit in the car with festive demands, and our colleague complains of migraine as a result of the continuing struggle of children. The destination can not be reached soon.

And then we are there. The owner has provided us with a map. Of course, it's a small sketch, but you've sailed the London Pipeline. How difficult will it be to find a resting place? With your nearest brain, your partner sails for you, giving instructions that you know is not right. What do you mean by switching the highway off? It is still 10k on the beach. Ahhh, you're resting, holiday rentals are advertised as private. The side road to the edge of the road is part of the plan. The bitumen path turns into a gravel and goes several times over the narrow deviation that resembles a goat's path, which inevitably causes the car to swallow one of the more impressive layers. The beginning of your nerve sweat on your forehead. Your heart, however, removes the help when your partner laughs "there".

You fall in the car into the trail, such as the branches called the tailless wings next to the car. & # 39; Everything will be fine. Do you worry about yourself? The house is home to an interesting forest monument surrounded by fresh flowers and flowers. You are surrounding yourself in a great native forest. This can not be right. You can grab a map and check it out. Are you sure your partner has made a mistake? No error.

You stole your partner, whose face is frozen in mobility. Your teenage daughter, as usual, sums up with the perfect classic one. "You can not be serious. I do not stay in that tail. & # 39; Even your son, adventure, is lost for words.

I hope you will get out of the car, being convinced that the great views of the beach and the ocean have fallen. You have not detected them yet. You are in the box and you see the ocean. Far away, away from the blue pie. At the same time, your partner scans the owner's instructions, from which to find the keys. You both stepped out in the pursuit of keys. Well, the view is not enough what you expect, but yes, maybe the house will be better.

After ten minutes of fruitless searches, you return to empty. No keys. Now you lose it. You have touched the owner's contact information on your phone and made you spiritually prepare yourself for this owner's service, becoming more dissatisfied when your call is compressed by voice mail. In spite of this, the resistance leaves a few choices with short, twelve messages. Call me. Now. & # 39;

Comfortable partner & # 39; finds & # 39; open doors and go in. Inspiration. For your help, the inside looks good, better than expected. As a result of thorough checking, you will find fatal flies and a lot of horror for your daughter is a large dressing room decorated on the door. There are stones on the ski slopes. heaters and oven recycle an open fire boiler. The undercover guards are full of windows that are dusty, there are several cockroaches that cover the lid and shock your partner when you find a condom with a bed.

Do you think you finally hit the rock band when the entire family disturbed by the bathroom runs on finding a brutal daughter on the tiles in the genitals? Do you accept the defeat? There is no way your family will ever let you go.

Twenty hours later, holiday vacations have been exhausted in the network, with a small victory. The camp and garden owners, located in the local caravan park, offer a pleasant tent and bedding for an extra $ 100 a day. & # 39; transaction & # 39; Do you wonder if the bank account is unsettled and will return the magnificent prospect for the pursuit of ENA owners?

Yes, we were all there. So how do you avoid holiday rentals? Read these helpful tips and you will not be able to avoid all the issues you will definitely feel about how to eliminate some of them.

1. Your research. And then explore a few. When you find the feature that you like, Google's name and address. See what other sites are listed in the property and check out various photos so you have a good idea of ​​what the feature really looks like. Look at Google Maps property. Is it close to the services because the statement claims that it is? Check the amount of charges, it is likely that if the property is regularly charged, the owner has a good reputation.

2. Check the terms and conditions of the site you are ordering. Are their terms and conditions included in the advertised individual qualities or a set of common site terms that the state "does not have all the care and responsibility"? or refers to the owner.

3. Look what other guests have said about the property. Referring to Trip Advisor reviews or reviewing the property listings on Google Business.

4. Be careful about paying. Read the cancel and refund policy. Opportunities, if you are registered for Easter or Christmas, can be difficult for you to return, except for real reasons. Your reservation has been received by the holder for other charges during this period, and as one of the main weekly profits, they will want to pay and have the conditions to cover that feature.

5. If you know the holiday holder personally, you have ordered the property or you know someone who pays for the holiday rental business. The properties are governed by experienced and qualified property managers, standards are defined, and if not met, a local office and staff that you can actually see for speaking and as holiday rentals are their business, and you are their client they want to provide, that you look good.

Source by Linda M Clarke