Retirement year:

There has already been a hot word in the summer, but staycation continues to be resting year after year. Summer could not run in spring; but the continually unfavorable pound is in euros and the UK is still in the forefront of the predictions of tourists in the conditions of the crisis, for foreign-language climatic disorders to have a pleasant pleasure.

Blackpool looks at its seemingly declining annual drop in the last 12 months by attracting more than 2 million visitors to the seaside resort. This trend seems to continue until the end of the year, as hotel service providers compared to the previous winter compared to beds. Famous British holiday capitals, like Yarmouth, Skegness and Brighton, all have recorded such an increase in holiday activity.

National confidence tells about improvements in domestic tourism that only 713,000 people visit North East tourists with 100,000 print runs in the previous year. Regional Director of National Trust David Ronne commented that at the beginning of the year we did not know how recession affects us. We did not know if it was a threat or an opportunity that we could have with two hands. As it turns out, we had a bumper season. What happened to the British once again studying their country? More and more visitors "National Trust Property" means more money that goes into the local economy. It is a win-win situation for everyone, especially the country that goes through such a terrible fall. & # 39;

Similar growths are reported by museums and art galleries. According to the Art Fund, about 255 such sightseeing sites, 2/3 of these institutions have regularly visited this year's visits. Eventually, events organized by the Royal Horticultural Society, including the Flower Shops of Chelsea and Hampshire, were attended by 15% more active annually.

The tendency to prefer Great Britain's summer is likely to remain in 2010, with traveling trips for local holidays in many areas of the travel industry. VisitEngland's Chief Executive Officer James Berezfor also sees the future of staitations, commenting on "the Great Britain's offer's great visitor returns to everyone's lips to keep them in mind and stay here, and the British accept dynamic and various holiday offers here at home. We intend to work with the English tourism industry to ensure that this trend is stable in 2010. and beyond. "

In general, for everyone involved with British tourism, the British method does not correspond to reality.

The UK recession continues to slow down, and the tendency to stay cheaper in home homes exploded. This article looks at the trends of the trends, their impact, and how they look at "stabilization" in 2010.

Source by Nicholas Barber