The final list of welcome guests

Since the arrival of holiday visitors is approaching very quickly, there are a few small things that can be done for a very warm reception.

Surprisingly, guests are with little good baskets and inviting bedrooms, the house is the key.

Some of these points may even be needed depending on how much assistance is provided on the last minute issues and helps your kids.

Bathroom sale Bedroom and toilet, which has been cleaned from top to bottom and adorned with a small festive decoration, given the number of ideas …

Bathroom sale [19459006

* Fresh collection of sauces [19659003] * Goodie basket filled with experimental products.

  • Shampoo, conditioner, hairdryer
  • elastic and elastic temperature
  • disposable toothbrush
  • disposable toothbrush
  • Bathroom cabinets and drawers

    * [19659014] Washbasins and drawers

    * Sanitary ware

    Inspired note: Hand towel hanging

    Towel, hand towel, hand towels

    washbasin should be used for the guest. Nevertheless, make a great beautiful rainbow around any other decorative towel you prefer not to use.

    Hotel Bed

    * Made of fresh linen

    * One blanket, warm and warm

    * Second blanket


    * Lamp

    * Aromatherapy lotion bottle

    * Candle, light flavor

    Short Film Reader

    short bulletin

    * Variety of Magazines

    * Kleenex's Box

    * Coaster for drinking glass

    * Clock for the right time

    * Electric floor cover for chargers


    * Lamp

    * Homemade care for card children


    * Water bottles

    ] * Glazing glass

    * Wi-Fi connection instructions

    * Home key ring

    * Lightweight snacks pack

    19659003] Bed cover

    * Access to sufficient open suspended space and floor space

    * 10 or more unused hangers


    * Folding trunk

    * Lining area with fur coat

    * Nightlight in the bathroom

    * Nightlight in the bedroom

    * Nightlight on the top of the stairs

    Kitchen 19659003] Cold bottles of water in refrigerators

    * Sandwich cooking ingredients

    * Biscuits, fried and other sweet treats

    * Fresh fruits with anti-flakes

    * Wipes


    * Hold the bedside table lanterns

    * Jump to bed

    ] * Install crutches on pillows

    * Open or close layers

    Ambiance through the House [194590010]

    Ambiance through the House

    Ambiance through the House

  • The room was closed at the time of the o f fruited anticipated arrival

    * Disassemble the ceiling

    * New Year's Eve music or radio / stereo

    * Holiday festivals or sports events on TV

    * Christmas trees throughout the day

    * Fresh, lightly decorated candles or brick heaters,

    * Christmas or winter d├ęcor in all major settlements

    * Daily table sitting on the kitchen table

    Fresh, hot breakfast is ready when the guests come in the morning

    Dogs and guests.

    * Take dogs out of the bathroom until the guests arrive

    * Give them treatment and let them hang in your bedroom, and guests greet the family and bring the luggage

    for a few minutes away, then leave "Hello" to say

    These are some ideas I have come to greet our guests over the years.

    This is a comprehensive list and we rarely do any of the suggestions listed at the same time.

    In combination with ideas, they thoroughly think that they are very welcome.

    Another inspirational moment here

    Source by Tracey Farmer