Do you want an exotic holiday in Spain? Discover Ibiza's Es Cana

Es Cana / Es Canar is a beach resort located about 28 kilometers from the Spanish Ibiza airport. This is a very popular tourist destination in the world among Europeans and tourists. So if you are looking for a relaxing and lively holiday, look no further.

How to get there.

Es Canar is part of the Balearic Islands archipelago and can be reached from Ibiza airport by bus or taxi. It takes about 40 minutes to get to the airport. This famous resort of Es Cana is located on the eastern shore of Ibiza. There are several hotel options that include low-priced dormitories and apartments provided with gym, sauna baths, multi-family cuisine restaurants, bars and more.

wonderful island

If you want to rest on your weekend after a notorious working life, take the first couple of days easily. North shore stroll to Cala Nova and Cala Leña. These dirty places are ideal for relaxing or swimming at the beach on sunny days. Choose from Cala Martina, S & # 39; Argamassa, between the beaches of Cala Pada and Niu Blau and sit in lounge tables with martini or a long island with frozen tea.

During the first few days we have been resting and restoring your energy, walk to the beach of Santa Elulalia and stay calm in the shade areas. Take your pools and jump from the rocks to the water. Call in the eastern Mediterranean, on the sandy beaches and get a nice holiday. Go, go to Santa Eulalia and take a taxi or a ferryboat to Es Qana.

Think of some water sports like parasailing, windsurfing, and scuba diving. Keep one day as you ride through the fun boat and ferry trips to the coastal zones.

When you are in the water and in the sun and you are ready with a view, seeing the Touring Train is the perfect option. This train departs directly from the resort and calms you down to the historic village of San Carlos. It will be a great three-hour tour, and you can wrap a little picnic basket to enjoy. Study the 17th century farmhouse and some souvenirs there. Take a bite before enjoying your favorite cocktail at the wonderful Cesar's beach bar before switching off the day and returning to Es Caná. This trip is unrecognizable and is a great way to explore and test some of the special sites and uniqueness of Ibiza.

No fun shopping, no fun shopping. Study on the outskirts of the resort on Wednesday and you can not take your eyes off the goods sold at the Punta Arabí Hippy Market. Every woman loves jewelry, and here you can find some great deals from different parts of the world here. Cheap and beautifully made silver jewelry from India are very popular among tourists. Some unique and colorful clothes, shoes and handmade leather goods will be a great gift for your friends and family at a very affordable price.

Do not walk on the way to San Carlos on Saturday afternoon. Las Vegas's Hippie market is proud of its products made of some hands. In the summer, they also have a night market at Las Dalias, and the color of this place and vibe will feel the light of your head. Enjoy some exciting parties such as Namasté, live music and DJs, and tense hits on the latest hits with some lipstick cigarettes and cocktails.

Es Cana is all the elements of the perfect holiday, without burning the pit in your pocket. This summer, you're going to release the beaches and get a few kilograms that are tapas on a chicken, sushi, seafood, or other Mediterranean cuisines that are spinning over a slowly roasted free zone.

Source by Paul Smith