Indira and Holiday Balloon

Indira, a four year old child in East India, has been tortured and assaulted on giant tandres whenever the bark of the elephant tied up the "scream or heal" of my apartment.

At first the mother patiently studied her requests, but finally went to the store and went for her.

Then came the Thanksgiving season, and he squalled and stamped his tiny legs for a balloon shaped like Turkey. And again her mother confessed that she could not have her own neighbor. However, the child was seriously obstructed, so his mother bought another balloon.

Christmas approached. I was wrapped in a blue rug and indiana again begged for it. After work, anxious parents walked toward the colorful, slow toy, pressing it in a strong wind, lifting it and making the baby's hands and hands bright.

"Here". His mother shook. "Stop crying," says Inga.

When I returned home, Inirah and his mother came right away. The boy took the reindeer's balloon and looked at it with joyful, dark luminous eyes

The mother asked me not to want more balloons where the daughter could see them, explaining, "Every time she sees her on the hill, I can not buy

: I was sorry but I could not get tired of the hard times and waited impatiently, so I insisted that Invera return the balloon or compensate for me. Meid Inida's mother concealed and insisted that she would return.

True, her words, her mother appeared with the child still in the color of the reindeer. Inlay looked at me with the same dark, abandoned, spiritual eyes, never talked about in my presence. learned that the child did not know English, which took into account the silence.

"Indira wanted to keep the balloon", the Indian parent announced and made several bills in my hands.

Relaxing and feeling more kind, I left the money. "I have never paid for a balloon," I said, "and I promise not to the temptation of Indira, even if it was obscene." I told Indie: "You should not do such things, little girl." The child shook his head as though he knew it.

I asked her mother: "Why is she seen with balloons and she watches a lot of TV on Pooh's friends and bubbles, or on the Sesny Street and their birthdays?" Aren & # 39; You are also worried. "

I had to ask a question earlier, that my mother said," When the family in India was going to travel to States, Indira's grandmother who did not come to us at that time, Indira was a pretty balloon she regularly with her a few days before our departure. Then, at the airport, suddenly the wind drove the Invera hand balloon and left the scenes.

There is no need for a mother that Indira missed her grandmother and shook when she saw a balloon that could have been a child, lost. I also learned the day that Indra's grandmother came to live in Christmas time.

"Maybe she will not be crying anymore, but we'll see," she said, but she is in doubt.

I'm also waiting for my grandmother. It will be a happy day.

Source by Harry C Copeland