Eastern India Travel:

The eastern part of India is magnificent in nature and decorated with cascading waterfalls, hilly mountains and mountainous mountains. The entire region prevails in different languages ​​and dialects, different cuisines, and even different costumes that add to the beauty and peculiarities of Eastern India tours. Snow-capped mountains Arunanchal Pradesh from lush green Meghalayas to the dense wildlife of Assam in tea rivers there are some fascinating vistas attractive tourists set travelers in East India. The geographical elegance and rich biodiversity of the seven sister countries of the Arashunishan Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mi'bari, Triptour and Megalaya are simply irony.

Diversified natural beauty is full of cultural lust, diversity of flora and fauna, and richness of elegant art and craft. Some of the best places and scenes of East India tours are:

Lush Tea Gardens in Assam. Assam is one of the most emerging centers of cultural activity in northeastern India and is also referred to as its geographical beauty. The relaxed atmosphere of Assam is also a place of origin for the world's re-organized Assam tea, large and old oil resources, rich biodiversity and Assam silk. When it comes to Assam you should visit the fragrant tea gardens to keep the leaves of the tea whole process of final production.

Jungle Safari in Kaziranga National Park: In a separate area of ​​UNESCO World Heritage heritage, the Casiranga National Park is famous for two-thirds of the world's large-scale bedding Rhinoceros. Here, the jungles are in a dense forest-covered area, and several rivers are mixed, including the Great Brammaputra River. The hyaluric biodiversity makes it a great place for tourists and makes the lush green area of ​​huge elephant grass, tropical wet large forests and the coastal area. Jungle safari inside the park is mandatory for all East India tour packages, it's the ability to spot wild Asian water Buffalo, Eastern Swamp Deer, Tigers, Leopards, Fishing Cat, Indian Gray Mongoose, Jackal, Bengal Fox, Small Indian Civets and many more pets : The rivers in the region are also endangered by the Ganges Dolphin.

Gangtok transit. This is the largest city in Sikkim, Gantpak is at a height of 1437 meters. The city has risen to a place known as a Buddhist pilot. Gangtok also joins a large number of nature lovers. It is also known for its cultural luxury, biodiversity and lush meadows. First of all, you should visit all those interested in studying Buddhism or wanting to lead a pilgrimage to Enes monastery.

Other important events in Eastern India include the UNESCO bike tour, Dejilning's demarcation railway, and the visit to the Old Kamakhaya Temple, one of the world's largest rivers, the Brammaputra River and much more. The region, which originates from the birth of great poets and philosophers, has a fun look, leading to a relaxing experience.

Source by Surya Prakash Mishra