Feast of the Villages:

Relaxing hotel rooms and complex times. If your holiday was destroyed by the noisy parties of tourists down the corridor. It has been discovered that your period lasts just a week during the dead season.

You should try the holiday season of the villa. They are a great alternative to the usual hotel, especially if you are traveling with friends or a large family. This is where the villa is celebrated.

Villa vacations or vacation rentals, as they have been known in the US for a few days, but are now very popular.

What is a villa rental?

These are separated in rural areas, cities, maritime areas or mountainous / hilly areas that are accessible for a given period. They are usually fully furnished with all the modern conveniences and technology, telephone, TV and internet. Most of them are self-employed but there are some households that offer supplements.

Why choose a villa holiday?

They celebrate your holiday. Being non-standard, expect unique design, amenities and comfort, unlike running hotel rooms. There is a huge area there. Everything from small horseback studios to luxury and everything. Many villas offer cooking or art classes, baby benches, trips to nearby attractions, 24-hour checks, home-based medical facilities, and more. Another plus is that you can eat and eat foods such as: Traveling with children, children, and senior citizens means you have special food, leisure, entertainment requirements, and flexibility.

Plus points:

1. Great flexibility

2. Good rates and prices compared to the hotel as you can immediately negotiate with the owner.

3. For large groups

4. More cheaper foodstuffs. Self-adhesive.

5. It is convenient when your kids / elderly people are in the group.

6. Benefits to the local economy.

7. Privacy / Recreation.

8. Unique local flavor.

9. Additional amenities: private beach, swimming pool, garden, farm.

10. Additional cultural / historical tours, classes, visits to unique local restaurants, and tourist destinations.

Exclusive points.

1. Reliability. You are not engaged in a known name or group.

2. Fraud, Fraud. Probability of a conflict victim.

3. Distortion. Photos and hints can be misleading.

4. It's hard to find. Time and effort needed to find the right time.

5. Transport. Crude areas, bad roads, public transport.

6. Non-standard tariffs / facilities.

7. May request a minimum period of time.

8. Hidden Expenses: For power, fuel, heating, cleaning, parking, swimming pool cleaning and other costs

9. Hygiene / cleanliness. Can not be appropriate.

10. Medical institutions. Emergency situations problems.

Villa Holiday is a great option. Keep the tips above when selecting someone.

Source by Steve Walby