New Year's Eve Safety. Make sure your holidays are dangerous

When someone says Christmas, most people see joy, family time, gifts, snow, or other pleasant things. But during this time we are also surrounded by numerous designs, lights and electronic devices that can lead to unnecessary danger if we do not take some simple precautions. For Christmas, read the following tips to help make your holidays enjoyable and dangerous

Christmas tree

  • If you are a living tree, make sure it is fresh.
  • Buy only an artificial tree that is marked with a fire mark
  • Keep all the equipment and equipment at a distance of at least 3 meters
  • If the tree is heavy, take it from our position and remove the screws and joints. You also need to secure the cord to prevent it from breaking.
  • Clean the trees before the holidays to improve water quality. Check the water level several times daily and, if necessary, fill it up. Trees emit a lot of water in the heated rooms and if they are not enough, they will lose and demand the fire.
  • After the holidays are over, make sure you have the right disposition of the tree. Never try to burn the garden in a fireplace


  • If you have children, your best interest is to get more jewelry where small parts can not fall and swallow. Place smaller jewelry.

Christmas lights

  • Inspect your light lines every year and eliminate those who do not work anymore
  • A good idea is when you are asleep and turn off your home.
  • Use only outdoor lights intended for outdoor use in outdoor areas.
  • Make sure the lamps are secure and that the nozzle indicates to avoid moisture.
  • Never Replace Lamps Instead of Lamps
  • Electrical Connectors [196590011] Keep Outdoor Electric Connectors
  • Never use extension cords for extension corridors.
  • There are many extra electronic devices in Christmas.

General safety

  • Restore and install new batteries in your cigarette detectors or install new ones
  • Ensure that there is a fire-extinguisher in an easily accessible location

Source by Julie Kinnear