Celebrate Holidays with Ripley's Tall Musical Christmas Tree Episode 5

Each year, when you are on the search for a perfect tree, the children declare in one voice, "Leave something great." They feel the same way in the Aquarium of Ripples. By the way, Ripley grows like no one and business.

When you want a traditional, Snowball Christmas, filled with family values ​​and useful fun, the Moki Mountains should be. When you want a celebration, which looks more like life, Ripley's Aquarium tops the list.

The height of 45 meters is quite hectic, but Christopher "sings" and shines in the music tree. With more than 16,000 light, Christopher provides an exciting display that inspires the spirit of celebration to all who attend.

Show times and dates

The music tree is displayed till the end of 2010. January 1, with night performances. The two parties are held Sunday afternoon at 18:00. 00, and 8 in the evening. 00. Look around you will find yourself surrounded by adults and children who are fascinated by messy faces. It's like Christmas, and it's never been.

Sweet treats for good boys and girls

Do you know that Santa has a workshop that was created at Ripley's Aquarium in Smokies Plaza? He does! And it opens for boys and girls (and their parents) during nighttime events. Skip hello and enjoy a few sweet shades, including British pancakes (with milk, of course), traditional eggnog, rich crunchy, warm apple apples and stew hot chocolate.

Pictures with Santa Chancisi

The evening is all the same, without a mark, to remember it. Santa Sharky stays in the evening at 4 pm From 00 to 18 pm. 00. Draw pictures with your children or the whole family at Ripley for a great monument of your time.

Photos of the Santiago Seminars and Santa Cruz are available until Christmas.

Watching the Musical Christmas Tree is free, so wrap and prepare a party at Ripley's Aquarium Aquarium during your stay. (There is a charge for photo and sweets). While Jack Frost nods his nose, you can enjoy the lights, the music, the family time and the delicious trees. It's the perfect combination of everything that makes traditional Christmas special.

Source by Bennie McCann