Enjoying a teenage holiday in Albufira

Albufeira's magnificent place is like young and old. Apart from its "gorgeous" historic sites, there are beaches (city has about 25 people) and family-oriented gardens. So, those traveling by airport from Faro Airport to Albufira have many options when they arrive on the most exciting day of the day. If time is a hindrance and you really have to be zero on the top of the theme park as soon as possible, then you can not incorrectly place the following three local gardens.

Put an endless fun with a tablecloth

Do not let a single mistake, despite the disgusting generality of the city, does not catch up with when it comes to contemporary entertainment. The earliest example of this is Slide and Splash, which is placed on the A22 motorway, which is a fun place for children with a wide range of water slides. And when we say that the theme park is huge, we do not joke. It's actually one of the most common topics in Europe. Getting to Phoenix from Albuquerra even with just this theme park with your children can be handyly organized, thanks to a dedicated transfer service and a special bus service.

Educational Visit to the Zoo

Another reasoned reason is the high school visit to Zoo Marine Theme Park to move your children from Faro to Albuffera. Here you will not only have to deal with amazing scenes and sounds, an inexplicable opportunity to play with different marine animals (seals, sharks, even birds) and dolphins (under professional supervision, of course), but your kids will teach you the ultimate importance of preserving and salvage the endangered species. the importance of each one. They will get acquainted with various environmental efforts through the 4D film presentation and a large-scale exhibition. There are also many physical attractions, water slides, swimming pools and inspiring riding, such as head to finish their day. And even better, four-year-olds can enjoy it all for free.

The Montechoro Fun Park

The Montechoro Fun Park is located right in the heart of the city, which means when you arrive from Faro to Albuffera, moving in minutes. The theme park is a fun combination of fun, family-oriented dinners, pools and even a fortified castle.

Kitchen and people watching in Marine

Then you surrounded theme parks, you can change the kit and head to the famous Marina. City's pulse, shelter is provided in an eclectic stretch of seafood restaurants, cafeterias, bars and shops. It's the best place in the city to wind and rest, before it is called a day and a home.

Source by Lukas Johannes