Festive gift guide for your movie

So this is the year of the year. It's time to buy gifts for your friends and family, as the whole world celebrates this corporate, commercial, money-hungry, festive, and generous holiday. Some of you can already take care of it. Others may be buyers of the past few minutes and I think that even now is the launch season. No matter what you are downstream, at least some of your lists need to be checked. In this article, we will give you some ideas for gifts that you can have on your list.

1. Movies

Of course, the movie band loves movies. However, the choice of this gift is not as obvious as some of you may think. In fact, it could be one of the most difficult choices for a movie fan. There are all kinds of problems that can occur here. You can choose the wrong format, wrong environment, wrong edition. Or you can simply and accurately choose the wrong movie. Or even more likely to buy a movie that they already have (then movies, possibilities for film tones already, it is more likely to buy something). That's what I recommend to stay away from this choice, without a fantastic movie of your life, in fact, prompts you to a particular movie. In that case, go for it. Films for us are definitely a good buffer. But be careful about what you bought. Or keep the receipt and do not hesitate when it should return your gift.

2. Netflix

Now every one of you wants your movie to get some movies but does not want to go through the head to make sure you do not get the wrong, Netflix is ​​your answer. Netflix allows your sindh to be accessible from old to new, from home to overseas, invisible, filters, and more. It's a great deal about this, they get the movies they want to watch, and you pay for the subscription. Netflix gifts come in a variety of programs and different lengths. You can only stream a movie that loves your movie or you can choose a batch that allows streaming, plus up to 1, 2 or 3 DVDs at the same time. All this can be purchased from 1 month to 1 year. For example, within 6 months, the streaming package will cost you $ 48. Or you can go to two DVDs for about $ 180 a year. No matter what the choice, it is sure to hit the movie tape in your life. It's not important whether they already have a subscription or as a Netflix Gift can simply be added to their already existing subscription and they will get free months of their service.

3. Fandango Card

Of course, the secret of every movie spends a lot of time in the theater. Thus, another line of Netflix rows is a Fandango gift card (or a local theater gift card). This gives your movie band a gift that will continue throughout the year when they return to the theater. Every time you get to enjoy the big screen magic on your mouse. The movie shown on your list certainly loves the award in these months when they get to catch all the latest releases.

4. Movie Memorial

The secret of your typical movie is hidden with movies, probably so that you will never fully understand it. As such, it means that they enjoy the movies. So, another nice gift on your list is the movie's lover's memory. It includes movies, blouses, collections, signed items, box collections, movies and artwork. You can even buy scripts / scripts / props from their favorite movies online. With this movie selling numerous online sales opportunities, the possibilities are endless when you know some of the movie's top films or actors and so on

. Movie-related books and magazines

As I've already announced, the film's features in your life love everything. That is, books and magazines. Biographies are good conventional ideas in their favorite actors or films about the movie band in your life. There are many books designed for those people. Before the 1001 movies you should see 1000 films for changing your life 100 Best Movies for Rent and Never Hear More more specific books 101 Awesome Movies You Must See Before Dying . Everyone would like to have fun with your movie fans in your life. Likewise, in your life, the movie is likely to keep all things in movies and concepts that they love in the field. Thus, magazine subscriptions, which are provided by these types, are also good choices. They include print and online types. Though I would say you would like to go out of Entertainment Weekly with more major types, Rolling Stones, and more. Instead, look at such things as Boxoffice Magazine & # 39; Hollywood Reporter & # 39; ;, & # 39; Premiere: Empire & # 39; (Great Britain), "MovieMaker & # 39; or "Historical Movie" magazine & # 39; Likewise, you can also get their subscription online production rags like Variety.com or ProductionWeekly.com.

6. Universal Remote

As you probably know, in your life, the movie has definitely a love for electronics. This is especially true when it comes to organizing their home entertainment. All of these equipment can go out, even though remote controllers are starting to shed. Introduce Logitech Harmony. Plant cream, when it comes to universal distance. Logitech's line distance is approximately $ 100 to $ 300. Any movie buffer will be happy to have such a remote control on hands, with emphasis on their location.

7. Roku Box

This is a great gift gift for the Netflix subscription. Streaming player lets the movie lover use one of these streaming services to stream movies directly to the TV to watch their computer or laptop. This is great for any movie that would like to watch their big screen TV rather than their small computer. The Roku box allows Netflix to stream directly to your TV. It also allows access to services such as Hulu Plus, Amazon On Demand, and more.

8. Blu-ray player

The possibilities of your movie clip are already one of their collections. However, for those who are not Blu-ray players, the movie is a great gift for your life. Ensuring the experience of watching a high-definition movie, the movie project will show your favorite movies in your life, the premiere at hi-def.

9. Popcorn Maker

Everyone knows that with popcorn they go to movies with jelly, peanut butter. And for some reason, the kettle popcorn just tastes. So why does not the goodness of that theater bring you home to your favorite movie house when they get home when they sit at home to watch a movie? You can find many kettles of hazelnuts until $ 100. Any buffalo movie would be cool to have their own popcorn producer at the corner of their room when they wanted to watch movies in the evening (and trust me, they do it too often).

10. The Chair of "Gaming"

These are the ultimate conveniences for the film before the television. With built-in speaker systems and ultimate convenience, there are tons of stylish gaming chairs. Any movie table would like one of these cool corners / pedestal chairs to go back and enjoy the experience of watching movies. Not only does it come out of the elegant look but are also comfortable, but they also immerse themselves in pockets and subwoofers that are built into a chair that slows the screen blast.

11. Surround Sound System

Talking about the sound, if your movie does not have one, the surround sound system is always fun for your home entertainment experience. The internal sound system is accompanied by sound immersion, which must be absolutely for any movie project that seeks most of your home entertainment experience. Of course, it can be a great gift, but life in your life will definitely be grateful.

12. HDTV

As we remember important components, television falls in that area. Obviously your kickbacks are already the same, but they never oppose a new TV (or even a secondary TV). Regardless of whether it is a smaller LCD TV, a TV set is always welcome, whether it's installed in its room or transforming the latest 3D TV. Your movie hat, of course, would be for you. By pushing 3D TVs, they are definitely a hot spot that will show more of your life more than happy. Again, however, this is one of the more expensive gifts, so we expect thousands to pay for such a thing.

13. Film Preservation

You probably already know it, but in your life the movie probably has a very large collection. The collection, which likes proudly, also shows. Of course, such a collection can often become an animal that requires dependency. Enter the media storage space. This actually comes in two ways: physical and numerical. First, we refer to the traditional physical form. This simply means cabinets and shelves. If the movie is a mess in your life, you will not have the layout of your collection or simply run in a wheelchair, then a new wheelchair, rack or tower will be a practical and welcoming gift for your movie to help you get ever-growing collection and some sort of order. Of course, you have a digital front. This is the same concept that retains all your music on your computer. Many companies make such devices, particularly for media files. There are even companies like Kaleidoscope and PrimeArray that create systems that serve as storage and servers. This means that all the movies are stored on a digital storage device. The cherry at the top is, however, that these devices allow sharing all of these data on a network and accessing your whole movie collection with one click of your remote button. Having instant access to your movie on any movie, without putting and changing discs, etc. But they can be too expensive. Some are even more expensive than TVs. But your tech / cinephile in your life would like it.

14. AFI Membership

Each film is known for its prestigious American film. What's the best way is to make the movie your own movie rather than letting your movie play a part of that institution, getting their membership in AFI? It may cost $ 60-2,500. Offering fun fairs such as movie tickets, exclusive release schedules and magazine subscriptions, AFI membership also lets members receive AFI events. In addition, your kickboxing will even be able to vote with industry professionals each year for AFI Awards for various film awards and awards. They even get AFI membership cards to disengage, showing proudly their friends as a sign of commitment to films.

15. Film Festival

I'm sure you've heard about them. Sundance: Cannes. Participating in these more prestigious film festivals is probably the future dream of life, which is probably your life. These are probably hands or feet to try to go to the prestigious Sundance or Cannes or Venice Film Festival. However, these events are pre-registered and can be expensive. So they do not give good premises ideas. Though, I'm sure your kickboxing will be happy when you get a "rain check" gift, which means that the future promise to switch to one of those festivals. Likewise, many larger cities offer their film festivals throughout the year. If you live in one of them, your movie would definitely like to be present at one of them.

So there is an idea of ​​greatness in order to have a fun movie in your life and make sure you come out with ideas for the film (not for the stinky pair of rugs Christmas or the like).

Source by Josh Lyons