The New Leapfrog Crammer Sound and Study System are well-complemented by the child's & # 39; in the list of holiday gifts

Last month, Leapfrog, author of children's toys for children, presented their newest selection, called Kramer. This educational system is combined with the MP3 player focused on the third-eighth grade market and aims to make more fun study.

The Crammer Study and Sound System offers you over 16,000 quiz questions in over 1,000 practice. These quizzes are based on actual textbooks and questions are a great learning tool. The quizzes include math, social research, science, and linguistic arts. In addition to quizzes, you can also create the same number of digital flash cards. Additionally, Cramer comes with a built-in Spanish translator and two pre-loaded games. A unit can connect to the Internet so that parents can create educational tracks for the child's progress.

Pocket Size Kramer can be used as an MP3 player with 1 Gb of storage (around 10 hours of music) and earphone. Download songs from any computer, USB port. The department is compatible with Windows and Mac. MSRP is $ 59.99.

Additional accessories for Crammer include case (MSRP $ 9.99) and Customizer skin and protective set (MSRP $ 12.99).

We spent almost a month with the Kremmers with a few kids and are generally pleased with that unit. The children found it easy to use. Quizzes and flash cards are fun and challenging. The design is appealing and looks good. The navigation screen is easy to navigate using the rocker-style front screen (this is not a touch screen device because it may appear). Sound quality is desirable and MP3 player is easy to download songs.

The fall of the unit is a limited number of games, and the fact that children have made a tire is just a test of it. Additionally, our first Crammer does not shut down without the battery. After replacing the unit, we discovered that the new one was the same. Client service offered a pencil cleaner on the battery contacts and the unit started operating.

In general, Crammer provides a fun educational entertainment system that will get a great holiday gift at the age of 8-12

Source by Rhonda Endter