Happy Holidays – it's good to say.

I do not know about you, but I've never had any problems that brought the weather greetings. Be it "Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Holidays or Cool Yule", no one has gotten formed out or right salamation, which corresponds to the person's philosophy of life or religion, or the "blessed solstice" bishop minister. Everyone understood that it was welcome to the recipient and recipient of the heat and temperature of the heat.

Today people are complaining that it is "politically correct". DISCUSSION IS POLITICAL. When we tried to make another happy and comfortable, WRONG thing to do. I do not consider it appropriate to try the appropriate person's greetings on the occasion of a proper holiday. Here, when we do not know what to say, it's so awful, "Happy Holidays". This is the time and the year of Holly, Holy and Secular Days.

Thanks to Weyworthy Fitzgerald, Seattle, WA, an exclusive woman who dedicated her life to creating a collection of facts, recipes, literature, and the "School of Seasons" collection of encyclopedias, here are just a few events you want to specify (or even knowing excluded).

Dec. 1st Bona Dea, St. Leonard Trip; Dec 8th. Celebration of the inhuman concept; Dec. 9th Sen-Hen's Concept: December 12th. Cathedral of Guadalupe, Harry No and St. Lucy's house.
December 13th. St. Lucian holiday. On December 14th. On December 16th. December 17 is Saturnalia, Sow Day and Ember Day. December 18th. Epona & # 39; the day and our loyalty owner. On December 19, On December 20, Thomas & # 39; Eve, Midwinter Eve, and another Ember Day; On December 21, the Winter Solstice and Herta; On December 22 Ursids Meteor rainers; On December 23, Larentalia or Acca Laurentia; December 24th. Mother's Day, Christmas, and Adam and Eve, December 25, Christmas and Juvenile; December 26th. Boxing Day, 12th Anniversary of the Holy Nativity, St. The Day of Sten and Holidays begin. On December 27, December 28th. December 31, Vesta; Yemaya, St. Sylvester and Eve.

In December, throughout the world continues to celebrate, celebrate, or celebrate. Why should we be wounded if we met in the Mail Office or in other places gathered this year, and shouted, "Happy Holidays, Friend, Everyone Takes Up Their Legs".

Think of it with St. Lucia and the Children at your Lattes Barnes & Noble, on the occasion of our Day of Distress, alone. The New Year can be spent in St. Louis. Silvester's biography, or can be a lot of noisy parties midtown hotel banquets for the goddess Yemaya! Well, I'll see this seriously, that would be the offer.

So, at the end of the day, maybe St. Louis. Lucy's Eve, if someone inspires your car window, laughing, "Holidays, every mixed one." Do not be afraid, that's just my way to the practice of Solzis Carroll.

Source by Pam Sekula