Top 50 Christmas Quotes:

  1. "Let us remember that Christmas brings a heart with a wide open heart that thinks about others, the healing of healing, which transforms all hearts for almost two thousand years … – George Mathieu Adams [19659002] "There were still many rooms, and the pages were gently turned and the light of the winter sun was turning to bright leaders and serious faces through the Christmas greetings." – Louise Mike Alcott
  2. "It was a song on the eve of Christmas that wrapped you around as a wrap, but it warmed up your body more – Bess Streeter Aldrich
  3. Frequently – Charles N . Barnard
  4. "The gifts of time and love are undoubtedly the main components of Christmas" – Peg Bracken
  5. "The earth grew old old man apart from its weight, but Christmas is always young, the heart of the Spirit is burning with brilliant just: And his soul is full of music when the angels' song sounds. – Philips Brooks [19659002] "I'm not alone at all, I thought. I've never been alone. And this, of course, is the Christmas message. indifferent: Because it is still God's chosen time. – Taylor Caldwell
  6. "Remember, if Christmas is not found in your heart, you will not find it under a tree." – Charlotte Carpenter
  7. "Christmas is time, but a state of mind. – Calvin Quack
  8. "Christmas, with its ultimate essence, is for adults who have forgotten what the children know. – Margaret Jusin
  9. "Without Christmas, for sharing our blessings, all snow in Alaska will not turn what is old, who has denied the human spirit." 39; white & white; – Bing Crosby
  10. "Whatever we lose years, let us be ashamed of Christmas is still a brilliant thing. What doubts cause us or what we are afraid to close one day, remembering his heartfelt meaning for the hearts? – Grace Noll Crowell
  11. "This is a personal cleverness, the warmth of human knowledge, to get out of one's friend, which makes it worth the Christmas. spirit. " – Isabel Courier
  12. "It's hard to forget something about the old fashioned saint." – Hugh Downs
  13. "They are mistaken, who think that Santa Claus flies through a chimney, really gets into his heart." – Ms. Paul M. Elle
  14. "Christmas, my child, love is in action". – Dale Evans
  15. "Give books for Christmas, religious or otherwise – they are never smokeless, rarely innocent and always individually." – Lenore Hershey
  16. "The first copies of Book Island and Huckleberry Finn are still scattered on a few blue needles. – Charlton Heston
  17. "In Christmas, all the roads lead home." – Myth of Mariju
  18. "My idea of ​​Christmas, my ideas, contemporaries is very simple. – Bob Hoff
  19. "The Joy of Enlightening Other Lives, Others & # 39; heavy loads, other cargo mitigation and empty hearts and lives save by generous gifts for us becomes Christmas sorcery. " – John Jones
  20. "Christmas candle is a nice thing, it does not contain any loudness, but it gives it a mild feeling. – Eva K.
  21. "I am a philosopher, I have to write a toy philosophy, showing that nothing is important in life, and that Christmas Anniversary – Robert Lind
  22. " Blessed is the season that the whole world involves love in a conspiracy. " – Hamilton Rite Mabe
  23. "Happy Family Congregations! Old, very young; The strange form of harmony in the choir. The tradition of Christmas is the time, traditions that remind of the precious memories of years, the unity of all of them. " – Helen Lawrie Marshall
  24. " There is No Ideal Christmas. Only one Christmas decides to make a reflection of your values, desires, love, traditions. " – Bill McKiben
  25. "We want to be able to divide the Christmas spirit into the jars and open jars – Harlan Miller
  26. " Christmas Preserves For Our Innocence " – Joanne Mills
  27. "Christmas, of course, – Garry Moore
  28. " What's Christmas? " It is a tendency for the past, the present courage, the hope for the future. – Agnes M. Faro
  29. "People are great, a huge family … It is proven by what we feel in our hearts in Christmas." – Pope John XXIII
  30. "One of the most famous mess in the world is the confusion created in the living room of Christmas. Do not clean it very quickly! " – Andy Rooney
  31. "Christmas: The magic blanket that wraps around us is so intimate that it resembles the fragrance. The Remembrance Day, which we think about everything we love. " – Augusta E. Rundel
  32. "Christmas is doing something extra for someone". – Charles Schulz
  33. "As far as we know in our hearts what Christmas to buy, Christmas!" – Eric Suejad
  34. "Christmas is the day that it is holding together." – Alexander Smith
  35. "Christmas is renewing our youth through our miracle inspiration. The amazing ability is called our most fertile pregnancy faculty because it's our art, our science, our religion. " – Ralph Sockman
  36. "Christmas is not the eternal event of all, but one's home that is in someone's heart." – Freya Stark
  37. "Christmas is the day of wisdom and tradition, the day of a special family and friends' warm days." – Margaret Thatcher
  38. "Christmas is playing and cheer for Christmas, but once a year." – Thomas Tuser
  39. "What do you call people who are claosophobic from Santa Claus?" – Unknown
  40. "Perhaps the best form of Juliet is going with a smile." – Unknown
  41. "If there is no happy way to give a holiday gift, leave love". – Unknown
  42. "In the dreams of anyone, the Christmas spirit is no Christmas, all of them appear externally, with many tulle and ornaments. Brightness of Firelight: The Fever that Comes – Unknown
  43. "Most banks operate in a new type of Christmas holidays. The new club helps you save money to pay for the past year. gifts ": – Unknown
  44. "You are ready to believe that love is the strongest thing in the world, stronger than hatred, stronger than evil, stronger than death, and the blessed life that began decades earlier in Bethlehem [HenryVanDiek
  45. "Christmas is for children, but it's also for grown-ups, even if it's headaches, hard work, and nightmares, a hell of a helmet and hiding hearts." – Lenora Matttingly Weber
  46. "Like snowballs, my Christmas memories come together and dance every beautiful, unique, and very soon gone away." – Deborah Whip
  47. "Sometimes, not just for Christmas, but for many years, the joy that you give to others, The joy that comes to you into your heart – John Greenleaf Whittier
  48. "Never be afraid of the size of your Christmas tree. In children's eyes they are 30 meters high. " – Larry Wilde

Source by Danielle Hollister