Investing abroad in a holiday home

Apartments in Spain have dropped their prices very well and many investment and foreign funds have begun to find opportunities. Nevertheless, the domestic market imported in the short run is not as profitable as some foreign ones. Therefore, there are many investors who consider buying a home outside of Spain … and why not.

However, other legal systems, different cultural and know-how, classic vincons and wild ignorance may take the buyer to make important and profitable investments. For that reason, going to a real estate agency will make it easier for local markets to make sure that we are interested and also secure.

The first step is to find a suitable home

to find out about the local market.

1. One possibility is that we have a very detailed knowledge of how long we have been doing or constantly visiting it. Likewise, it is necessary to be clear what we want home as a second home or as an investment because each version is advised to know what the country with the highest returns.

2. Another option is to go to the real estate agent who brings us to the local market a general notice to know where we are interested in finding the property we are looking for. In every country there are high, medium and low demand and desirable investments can lead to disaster if we do not give good advice. "Investors need to contact internationally recognized professionals and international statistical agencies to help them make the right investments," says Iginoo Sobrino, an associate agent at RE / MAX Casagrande & Asociados in Silesia, Somalia.

3. The previous personal interview with your trusted agent in Spain, internationally accredited and also responsible for monitoring the entire process, will help you find the right house.

Second step – legal certainty

Knowing how to apply the law of home purchase and sale is important.

1. When we have found a home, we ask the real estate agent to provide us with a general description of the country's legal characteristics that must be made known to the difference between Spain and the deal. It is a contact abroad agent who must inform the customer informing each of the mentioned data, taxes, expenses, rights and obligations, and, if possible, clearly present the signed contracts, "says Sobrino. Eneba Sozha, Director of Engel & Völkers, explains that the buying contract has been signed in the notary office, the buyer withdraws seven days

. In Spain, for example, in the case of a foreigner who does not speak or can not communicate in the official language of each community, he is obliged to hire. The presence of the translator should be required in the notary office. It usually happens in another notary office, "says Sobrino. .

3. Hiring a local lawyer is the next step, and if you can speak both Spanish and the country of origin, there are also many real estate agencies that already have a legal department involved with their services. We recommend them, but we have to rent a local lawyer and we provide them with a serious and reliable legal firm, "says Eugello Lluzar, a Catalonian licensor of Engin and Voller in the Dominican Republic. the property is located in the name of the seller or contracts to facilitate the translation, having an approved margin that guarantees the personalization of the property in relation to other adjacent buildings, their own cadastral design and the serious property registry. "

4. Do you know the sales taxes and sales taxes, both the seller and the buyer? Depending on the country, it is necessary to know whether there are taxes on double taxation, that is to pay taxes in Spain and in the country of origin.

The Third Step – Financing

If it is more convenient for a mortgage loan, what happens in a German country, home or Spanish bank depends on the loan term.

Source by Joder YA