African Safari Holiday

One of the best-preserved safari secrets is the Chilean Island, 27 km from Mombasa coastal Africa. Here, visitors can cover themselves in their native volcanic mud in Crazy Creek and become younger than they actually are. Why waste money on cosmetics?

For the first time, I saw people dip the mud, pointing to one of Michael Palin's television programs. Little did I know that the village where I have always been on holiday, in my own yard, is a little quiet for merry-go-round tourists. I first went to this place when visiting Kenya Marine and Fish Breeding Research Institute during my field trips.

The Institute then works on a very special project that studies rare Mangroves species in the University of Italy. Because of my interest in traditional medicine, I wandered around and visited a traditional healer and Diego chief Mze Abdallah Mnenze, who I met through the Kenyan Etiology Society. As a successful etnologist, Mzee Mnyenze knows one or two things you can not find in Botanical Books. So when I have the opportunity to visit the beautiful Mumpsas, I pay her only to listen to her wisdom under the coconut trees that enjoy the marine bracelet, the smell of the Indian powerful flock. I pay close attention to the point.

Kenya national museums are trying to preserve this sacred forest for rare species of mangroves, birds, and English people who pay close attention to foreign and local visitors.
Experts note that natural vegetation on the island is very unique. Coastal Kayas, as they are called, are a mixture of many ancient mangrove species of marine and terrestrial ecosystems that do not have biological diversity in the world.

In these forests, there are many Digo cultural towels scattered on the island but whose secrets are known only to a few Digo elders who have been transferred from generation to generation.

Nowadays there are tourist houses in this beautiful area. A visit to this area is rewarded with traditional dances and a mildew bath that cools the skin. I was very convinced that I would leave my clothes, but I'm glad I did. Will not go to cosmetic surgery before you visit the Chile mud bath. It is free and the cottages are very cheap but rich. Why spend on expensive cosmetics and careless operations? Go dive into the mud.

Source by Patrick Omari