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Six Christmas Feasts on Christmas Holidays, Just Your Holiday

Does Christmas organize a sense of stress and worry about shopping for children and families, decorating the house, and celebrating the festivities? The involvement of the parties and so on lasts very hard work and energy. OH MY GOD! I did not get it at all because I reminded the past. All those parties, or later working on drinks and celebrations, are so often expected from us, or that we think they are expected of us.

Christmas can be a great time to celebrate an old friendship resumption and with neighbors. First, it is realistic. I have said this and again I say. Are you from a family or a dynasty? And honestly, nobody expects you, except for you. Be friendly with this holiday season and follow these tips to make this season happy for you and your family.

PS I have hosted this Christmas this year, yes, that's the first one I've been to for ten years now. Check out my Facebook posts to see if I'm enjoying a holiday …

Tip # 1 – Make a list of enjoying this holiday season. Examples: an open door home to host friends and neighbors. Volunteer for Christmas charity; Helps organize a school game. Complete your purchase a week before Christmas. buy a new suit or dress.

Now, limit these items to your top two. I say two because most of the people who have asked for my advice or help are usually those people who take a lot of things and later feel that they are more and more tired and exhausted during the time. They feel they are burning or burning around them. I know it because I'm one of those people. I wanted the job to be very good, had great expectations, and I was tired of it. Not good!

Choose a few things to do, enjoy good and enjoy this holiday season.

Memorandum # 2 – Specify the dates of those dates on your calendar or events.

Tip # 3 – Make all the tasks that must be met. Build them in mini-problems. ie to pick jewelry, buy or invitations, etc.

Memorandum # 4 – Highlight these items to complete.

Memorandum # 5 – Display all Mini Tasks that will end in week or day from the event. Make similar arrangements together. Try groups and tasks to minimize the amount you spend before and after.

Finally, Tip # 6 – Manage Your Time. You are in control of time and not something. Let me give you a lot of time to complete the tasks. So when you run half of life, you can easily overcome them, because it's time to manage them, rather than control them. This means that roads, road conditions, additional long lines in stores, full parking places, and more. Being Christmas at the time, everyone goes out to shopping, go to parties, and so on, let me give you 1/4 time to complete similar tasks that you are doing during the year.

Create, record, set specific times for tasks, tell your family about your decisions, and schedule a few things you can do this season to make your Christmas party and pre-seasonal fun.

Source by Margaret Harlos