Montenegro – for a great walk

Montenegro is a country in Europe located in Serbia, Croatia, Albania and Kosovo. It also consists of several names composed of North Montenegro, Old Herzegovina and Kotor River. The topography of the country is largely characterized by European mountains, river valleys and a long coastal area that stands on the shores of the Adriatic Sea and for a good walk in Montenegro.

The yacht charter can go all the way around the Kotori Gulf or Boca Kotorska bay. It is a phantom located in the southern part of Europe. It has a very beautiful history as well as an extremely old civilization. The best time to visit Montenegro in spring. This way you can participate in the Mimosa Festival dedicated to the mimosa flower. Visiting the bay, you can see some small coastal cities, such as Dobrogen. You can also find Skrpljel or Gospa's Lord Skrpjela and St George's lady. Nevertheless, Rizan has many artifacts related to classical culture. For example, a sacred villa consisting of mosaic floors is well-preserved and open to tourists. These points are very close to Perrin, a sailor's home. If you are here, you can take a tour of the City Museum or the Butler's Palace.

Budva is another great place for sailing in Montenegro. Choosing a wide range of beaches, of course, you will never be afraid to visit good places. You can start Guvance or a small beach. Apart from the sand, the beach is well known in its cafe

Your holidays will never be complete, without Ulzinj. It is filled with many beautiful bodies such as Velika Plaza, the longest beach found in the Adriatic Sea. Ada Bojana, on the other hand, is a river known for its sandy beaches and Valdandos, with many olive trees on the shores of the sea. On the town balcony you can find many restaurants, bars, shopping pavilions, galleries and hotels where you can stay one or two days.

If you want to make some sailing in Montenegro, you can enjoy attractive boats and yachts at almost every beach. There are also some travel agencies that can arrange for you. Hopefully, along with it will learn more about Montenegro.

bar, which offers guests a great deal of freshness. It can also provide you with the most shocking sunset. Queen's Beach is 500 meters from Sveti Stefan. The water park is not too long, about 200 meters, but its small size gives it a sense of secrecy. Other beaches that you can go to Ricardova glava, Przno, Becici, Trsteno, Jaz and Maestral, are a few names.

Source by D. Browall