Run aground or not run aground?

The spill began almost two months ago, releasing more than two hundred thousand gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico every day since. The first signs were menacing, macabre: dead sea turtles washing the shores of Mississippi and Alabama. Surely something was out there. Something bad. Soon afterwards, the disgusting culprit made himself known […]

How to buy folk art and canvas paintings

There was a Rev. Howard Finster folk art painting, titled Howard in 1944. This is a fully enameled folk art painting that was painted in 1988. The smile in this portrait is very attractive and makes me smile the same way. I am also really attracted to a folk art painting that was painted by […]

BP Oil Spill Damage Claims Continue to Rise

As of June 20, 2010, approximately two full months since the BP disaster began, the company has disbursed $ 104 million in compensation to Gulf Coast residents. The company has written more than 30,000 checks to offset more than 64,000 claims for damages, and this does not begin to address all the people suffering from […]

Multitasking – Is It An Effective Time Management Strategy?

When looking for job advertisements in the newspaper or on the web, it is very clear that multitasking is an essential time management skill required in today's workplace. It is implicitly or explicitly stated in job postings with phrases such as "Ability to prioritize workload, manage time efficiently and meet set deadlines", "highly organized, innovative, […]

Ten Unusual Foods Mentioned in Popular Songs

On Thanksgiving, the local public radio station played Arlo Guthrie's Alice's restaurant, which in detail describes an ordeal that happened to the singer on the holiday of last Thursday of November. Few other songs seem to fit the theme of Thanksgiving, especially if you're looking for turkey songs. John Lennon Cold turkey It's probably best […]

Book a new year you can bet on

You may have brought the New Year in exciting cities like New York, Paris, Rio or Monte Carlo, but in Las Vegas you can get a taste of all these cities and more. Las Vegas is known to be a tourist paradise. Las Vegas is a place to celebrate any time of the year. By […]

Awesome New Orleans Icon

Saint Louis Cathedral, also known as St. Louis Basilica, is the cathedral in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. It is located on Place John Paul II, a promising section of Chartres Street, which extends one block between St. Peter Street at the upper river limit and St. Ann Street at the lower […]

The Broken Road Written by Keifer Bonvillian

The author describes this book, "A History of FEMA Drugs, Sex, Alcohol, and Fraud." Keifer Bonvillian took a job to help clean up Louisiana after disastrous hurricanes hit her parents' living area, Terrebonne Parish (in LA. They call it a Parish, while most in the United States call them a county "). Keifer He'd never […]