Louisiana Industries Affected by Oil Spill

The environmental effects of Deepwater Horizon’s recent oil spill are widespread. Environmental agencies and interest groups are already mobilizing to try to contain the oil in the best possible way.
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At best, they will be able to keep the oil off the coast and contained in the gulf. However, the spread is much more likely to continue. And in the worst case, it will begin to spread across the east coast.
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Despite the unavoidable far-reaching implications, the most damaged area will be Louisiana. Many of Louisiana’s largest industries are already suffering from this leak (as we write a month) and only get worse over time.
This article will explore which industries are most at risk.

Industries at risk

Cameroon: Shrimp has been one of the pillars of Louisiana since before the 19th century. They have a long and well established tradition. Unfortunately, one of the first industries to panic was the shrimp industry.
They realized the fragility of the ecosystem around their harvest and understood that oil would be devastating. This fact was so widely acknowledged that the state declared an emergency station for shrimps a few days after the spill, knowing that all shrimps would need to gather something to sustain themselves in the coming months and perhaps even years.
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Oyster farmers: Approximately 4,800 jobs in Louisiana are based on oyster farming and are now all at risk. Like shrimps, oyster farming is largely done through mariculture, which means agriculture across the sea.
Other fishing ventures: With the ocean so abundant and so close, LA has come to rely heavily on all fishing industries. This includes other lesser known ventures.
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Louisiana Tourism Industries: The tourism industry is a vast network of travel agencies, reservation networks, hotels, tour guides and more. Every part of this elaborate chain will begin to suffer as more and more people avoid the oil-filled waters off the Louisiana coast. This will even affect nearby cities if smoke starts to leak in the back.
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Beachfront Properties and Real Estate: Not only is the value of Los Angeles Coast real estate property in short-term trouble, but the entire real estate industry will have to change and evolve, depending on how long the cleaning takes and how deeply rooted the environmental effects are related to. spill.
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Boat operatorsThere are many reasons to own and operate a boat in Louisiana, whether it be for sightseeing, orienteering, fishing or recreation. All of these owners will need to carefully monitor the damage their ships receive and reduce where and when they can actually get out into the water.
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Oil Industry Workers: It may be easy to think of oil industry workers as “the enemy” now, but they are just people trying to earn an honest living. The severe reaction to this incident is likely to jeopardize many of the oil initiatives around LA and potentially decrease available jobs.
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Restaurateurs: Many restaurants in Louisiana are based on seafood. They have long relied on nearby fish resources to keep their stock fresh and delicious.
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Not only will restaurant owners suffer from a shortage of stock and rising import prices, but also all the individuals who work at these restaurants and the people who work in the fish “pipeline” who keep supply meeting demand.

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As you can imagine, the sectors described here are not an exhaustive list of all that will be affected. Only time will reveal how many individuals and industries will have to drastically change to survive (and how many will not).