BP Oil Spill Damage Claims Continue to Rise

As of June 20, 2010, approximately two full months since the BP disaster began, the company has disbursed $ 104 million in compensation to Gulf Coast residents. The company has written more than 30,000 checks to offset more than 64,000 claims for damages, and this does not begin to address all the people suffering from this disaster.

The overwhelming majority of claims were filed by people in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida who were the hardest hit by the spill. People who worked as fishermen, hoteliers, restaurateurs, and in other tourism-related businesses have suffered huge losses or been completely excluded from the business.

The oil spill company has created a $ 20 billion fund to be used to help pay compensation. Company representatives say they will expedite legitimate payments. The oil company is also accepting compensation claims over the Internet.

Some of the injured may consider maintaining the assistance of BP's oil spill attorney. Lawyers with experience dealing with these types of complaints can help residents file a complete complaint.

Companies that have suffered oil spill damage may be eligible to be compensated in a business interruption claim. If your business has been adversely affected by the oil spill, you may be entitled to damages on a business interruption claim by:

-The interruption of utilities or services;

-The inability of customers or suppliers to contact you; and / or

-Because a supplier or customer has suffered significant damage.

A business interruption claim may also pay damages resulting from restricting access to your property or place of business. For example, if the US Coast Guard has closed beaches due to leakage and these beaches directly affect your restaurant or hotel revenue, you may be eligible for compensation in a business interruption claim.