Porto Liège, France, ecological holidays

Ever had ever seen a slight dissatisfaction that you have appeared in a public place, such as on the street, on a bicycle, in a shop, or on public transport. If so, what was your dream? Do you wonder how you got in that situation, are you ashamed or think that it is only a dream that does not matter?

If you've seen dreams and have not tried Nazi, you will sometimes get it.

Every year, thousands of families are resting from April to October in a state of nature, located between the seaside lake of the Mediterranean and the port of Lewat and the harbor.

The villages are mainly passable, but you can traverse or turn around like everyone else is completely naked. There is a small shopping center where you can buy fresh biscuits, where you can buy fresh croissants, bread, etc., you can shop in a supermarket, buy fur, wine shop or newspaper shop and small restaurants, while staying nerves :

These villas, which include Aphrodite and Oazis, were created in 1960. President Charles de Gaulle after a touristic commission. The government sought to involve thousands of landlords instead of staying in France, not Spain, looking for a beach holiday destination.

The old city of Lewat is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the large salt bath. The southern part of the city is a few kilometers between the sea and the lagoon. The old settlement, six kilometers north of the area, was here and here it was suggested that the commission proposed to create a new development called Port Leucate, a port, a shopping center and a holiday home. In the mid-1960s and De Goal visited the work of 1967. After the visit, the commission asked to refer to the future of the beautiful part of the beach, just north of Port Louis's new resort. .

At that time the practice and tolerance in France had increased in France for the sake of non-Sturm, and there were already various environmental destinations, including the great Naturistic holiday complex in Montalivet, on the Atlantic coast in northern Bordeaux.

The seafront is studied on one side of the Mediterranean Sea, on the other is the Lagoon Lagoon and is largely an island, as the two beaches connecting the lagoon and the north are. Prior to that, it was decided that this is an ideal place to develop by creating a state-run beach resort that is limited to residents and celebrities.

Instead of building creative houses and camping spaces, he simply decided to create houses, apartments, tennis courts, pools and a shopping center. The projects were drafted and started in 1973. Years passed and the development continued, and today there are a total of 8 small villages that are next to each other that define either the beach or the lago. Many people have permanent property, but many are available to owners for nature celebrations. Many areas are only pedestrians and children can play, run or trample without risk.

At some times of the year, strong winds are spread over the territory and the area has developed as one of the most common wind and kite travel destinations.

One of the advantages of the area, which makes it perfect for family holidays, is a set of other activities within a short distance from environmental villages. There is a large water center, less than 10 minutes drive, several pools and giant slides. There is also an adventure center in the nearby pine forest, where people of all ages can climb and slide through the trees. There is a casino and a new cinema nearby. The Pyrenees can be seen from the village, and the autumn and spring snow can be seen at the highest peaks. Being at the door of the Pyrenees, there is a great way to get out of the suburbs.

About 35 minutes away, there is a large Sigean African reserve, fascinating and adults and children. Some can be visited by car, as many animals in their natural environment, including lions. Then there is another part that can be visited by foot, which includes birds life, monkeys, antilopia, elephant and many other species.

This area is one of the most prestigious in France and, of course, one of the most popular activities is just resting on the beach next to the rest houses and sometimes dreams of being uncovered in the public.

If you want to learn more about the nature of the nature villages, visit http://www.naturistholidays.fr

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The best adventure holidays of 2016 to supplement your travel album

In the northern hemisphere, many summer adventure events open their gates, allowing tourists to enjoy their holidays. Beautiful scenery of the picturesque mountains, glossy mountain ranges, hot springs, hiking trails and many other natural beauties are reshaped in the best way in the upper hemisphere. Such a charming attitude to Mother Nature will definitely deepen you. Passengers who continue to work their travel planner in 2016, should pack their bags and continue their journey. Especially for adventure junkies, this is the best time you can explore the world in a new way.

If too much brain storm becomes a mess, go to the planned trip planner. Such a planner will help you choose the destination according to your taste and allow you to enjoy the amazing adventures of the place. Leave the following list to make your vacation plan in 2016 interesting and inspirational.

This is a cosmic-like living in Mongolia

An irregular lush tree and desert grass for Mongolia, a shocking backdrop for natives, who spend their lives in nature. If you are striving to know about the nomadic lifestyle, plan your vacation in this beautiful country, to have a good time with those races. The best part of this journey is that you will find many traditions that are still alive only for those nomads. Following these rituals carefully, you will definitely treat your eyes.

Going to Ireland along the horse

Adventure activity does not always mean hiking or rock climbing. This category also includes other activities, such as exercises. If you like riding, Ireland is your destination. With the collapse of the Atlantic waves, the coastline of Ireland's beaches becomes a hot place for horses. Stay at one of the beach resorts on the beach and enjoy a wonderful groom in the morning or early evening hours.

Antarctic Study Apart from Ice –

News has begun to spread that anthracity can exist in a few years. Thus, before the existence of Antarctic becomes a story, this name includes your next holiday planning schedule. Tourists in this area will come to the study of ice landscapes and ice-caps. However, if you love to beat the road, Antarctic's story is in its wildlife. The campaign in this continent will allow you to see rare species such as five stamp types, Gentoo, Adelie's mass penguins, crab and alstrose shrimp.

Go to the Jungle Safari Tour in Africa

When talking about the Safari tour of the African jungle, Namibia is the place where people are thinking. Nevertheless, Africa's real animal zones are located in Qaud, Bhummandland, and Capri. These are not so common when it comes to Africa's travel planning. However, this place's visit will definitely satisfy your search for wildlife adventure. Keep your camera when you can apply for a free roaming charger.

Discover the distant places of Bishan

This little picturesque mountain kingdom has recently become popular among travelers. Kudos goes on to its amazing natural beauty and warm atmosphere, which puts you at the moment you walk, not forgetting the monastery on the bright dragon, which emphasizes the Bishian skyscraper.

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A great holiday in the UK at the Grand London Paddington Hotel in London

Guests in London would like to be in the center of the city, easily accessible to attractions and business hubs. The best place to book is the Paddington Hotel in Grand London, which is ideally located in the heart of the English capital. Accommodation is very popular here and is a transportation link that allows tourists to easily overlook the city. The four star seat is perfect for a romantic journey for families, large groups and couples. The luxurious hotel is located in the peaceful part of Paddington, and is a total ambiance for guests returning to the sight, seeing or working day.

The Park Grand London Paddington Hotel has excellent rooms and bathrooms offering modern amenities such as a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and free Wi-Fi internet access. Living areas have useful features such as safe, fengin and ironing facilities. The gorgeous bathrooms are bathrooms and bathrooms have soft cloths and slippers. Travelers will appreciate complimentary frozen water and fresh fruits available in living areas. They are also accompanied by high-quality bedding that sleeps during the night. Settlement is quiet during a perfect vacation in the wonderful city of London

There are many amazing stores in Paddington, but this offer is great for its hardworking members. They offer a range of excellent services such as a 24-hour dining room and tours and ticket assistance. There is a helpful helper that celebrates any problem and guests should definitely try a fantastic room service. The settlement has a first-class gym which has modern equipment for high-class training. The Atlantic restaurant has a delicious cuisine and is famous for its delicious menu of breakfast, which is a great way to have a day out.

The Atlantic Bar is a great place to visit with light snacks and cocktails that are ideal for a business meeting or a time of perverting tourists. Working visitors will get acquainted with the hotel's brilliant business center, as well as a wonderful club lounge. There is free Wi-Fi that benefits travelers for business or personal use so they can check emails or surveys where they want to go.

London has many amazing sites based in the neighborhood of the hotel, including Kensington Palace, London House and Parliament buildings. Shopping enthusiasts can visit Knightsbridge, Oxford Street, and Portobello Road Market during Notting Hill ride. The quarter of the Kensington Museum is just in the corner, just like Hyde Park's beautiful green area, which is a great place to go on a cycl or boat on the Spent River. Guests can also watch the music or play the neighboring Theatreland near the bright West End. Nearby are Paddington pipes and ground stations that allow guests to easily travel to London. This car park also provides fast connection to the airport via the Heathrow Express service.

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Activities for Couples Cotswold Cottage Holiday

The Cotswolds is a magnificent beauty area in West Central England. The area is paying close attention to the role of the late Harry Potter's book, but the story returns to the Roman Empire and its culture and atmosphere are an amazing place for couples.

The "Romantic Road" refers to two roads woven through Cotswolds. There are also hikes and walks along the highways allowing visitors to get acquainted with the history and history of this region. Add comfortably Cotswold stone B & B, traditional Cotswold Cottage or luxury supermarket, and couples can create an intimate and romantic getaway.

The Cotswolds makes almost unlimited purchases. Although this is likely to be more fun for one half of the couple, each small village in Cotswolds offers unique shopping, from modern retail outlets, from traditional village magic shops.

Winchwood's Music Festival in Cheltenham Racecourse offers a couple of music lovers and an intimate and inspirational festival experience. The city also hosts Cheltenham International Jazz Festival and Cheltenham International Music Festival and celebrates best classical music and ends. In the summer, Marsh's Longborough Festival offers a high-performing opera with 480 spectators, representing 65 members of the band.

There are many Shakespeare festivals throughout the year. Besides the festival environment pairs, the opportunities available here are virtually endless. The Bath Shakespeare Festival celebrates theater, dance, comedy and music all over the world. At the weekend of Stratford-on-Avon, the festival features strollers and musicians, Shakespeare's Morris dance, English folk dance and charity bloc. Later in the summer, Shakespeare is in the park in Bienheim, Woodsock. The performance of The Oxford drama with pleasure gardens.

Horse-loving couple can choose from a number of bicycle events that are of international attention. The most famous is the Chethenhon Gold Cup, which is located within 10 days of the Cheltenham festival. The Golden Cup is conquering all the people of the world. There are also 3-day horse-drawn events, such as badminton horse attempts, Bath's attempts and horse-racing attempts at Tetbury. For a bit of another bioton event, the Woodstock Tournament, held at the Buddhist Palace, offers traditional inspiration and brilliant screening.

The most romantic time of Cotswolds is Christ. Couples can try carols candle lighting in the pump room of Bath. With the choir performance, the audience is encouraged to join some songs. Bourton on Water is featured in traditional Victorian dresses and urban Christmas tree lighting. The awakened wood on the Westonbirt Arboretum, near Tetbury, offers a romantic stroll through the lighted national satellite.

These are just a couple of events that Cotswold has for couples. The area of ​​culture and history is a fantastic place to rest for the people of Great Britain and later on.

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Ionian Holiday Villa Rental offers a vacation in Paxos.

If you intend to visit Greece, you first have to choose the Greek Islands on your route. For those who want to explore beautiful landscapes, mountains, beaches and a number of other places, they must go from the islands of Ionian Islands . You will not only find the beauty of the site here but also many other things. You can enjoy the Greek life more closely, making your stay a wonderful villa rental.

What do you think Which place can give you a sense of dreams

Well, it could be Corfu or Paxos. If you want peace and want to enjoy a nice holiday trip with your partner then you must do the Paxos destination. An amazing island can surprise you with the olive environment. The heavenly appearance can make you stay here to spend a long time with your boyfriend at a high quality time.

This is a place that can be epitomized in a few words. You will have to visit the island to discover the true beauty of olive trees, white rocks, brilliant beaches and sea caves. You can also do snorkeling and ride in warm, crystal clear water in the ocean. You can also try Greek food in traditional Tavernas near the harbor. His three main villages, Lakka, Logos and Giaus, can show you the Greek cultural heritage.

In general, you have many things to explore on this little island. What about the excursion for a long day? Well, the island is too small, but has several villas with a resting offer. The best part of these villas is secrecy. Individuality can be found in these villas, as each one is different from the others and is located near the nearby beaches. You can enjoy the look of the beach alone on your left and you can spend time with your partner peacefully.

So, if you're in a romantic journey, you're in the right place. And if you are on a family trip, this is also the right place for you. There is no connection with the airport to this island, unchanged and fewer people. The filtered crowds come here to celebrate the holidays so they stay away from the usual life-shock.

When talking about the villas here, you can enjoy the best experience in a pleasant environment. You have hired a rented villa pavilion overlooking the beach on the balcony and enjoying a self-catering dinner, as you have a separate pavilion, private garden, balcony, kitchen and some other amenities that are provided by the owners.

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Montenegro – for a great walk

Montenegro is a country in Europe located in Serbia, Croatia, Albania and Kosovo. It also consists of several names composed of North Montenegro, Old Herzegovina and Kotor River. The topography of the country is largely characterized by European mountains, river valleys and a long coastal area that stands on the shores of the Adriatic Sea and for a good walk in Montenegro.

The yacht charter can go all the way around the Kotori Gulf or Boca Kotorska bay. It is a phantom located in the southern part of Europe. It has a very beautiful history as well as an extremely old civilization. The best time to visit Montenegro in spring. This way you can participate in the Mimosa Festival dedicated to the mimosa flower. Visiting the bay, you can see some small coastal cities, such as Dobrogen. You can also find Skrpljel or Gospa's Lord Skrpjela and St George's lady. Nevertheless, Rizan has many artifacts related to classical culture. For example, a sacred villa consisting of mosaic floors is well-preserved and open to tourists. These points are very close to Perrin, a sailor's home. If you are here, you can take a tour of the City Museum or the Butler's Palace.

Budva is another great place for sailing in Montenegro. Choosing a wide range of beaches, of course, you will never be afraid to visit good places. You can start Guvance or a small beach. Apart from the sand, the beach is well known in its cafe

Your holidays will never be complete, without Ulzinj. It is filled with many beautiful bodies such as Velika Plaza, the longest beach found in the Adriatic Sea. Ada Bojana, on the other hand, is a river known for its sandy beaches and Valdandos, with many olive trees on the shores of the sea. On the town balcony you can find many restaurants, bars, shopping pavilions, galleries and hotels where you can stay one or two days.

If you want to make some sailing in Montenegro, you can enjoy attractive boats and yachts at almost every beach. There are also some travel agencies that can arrange for you. Hopefully, along with it will learn more about Montenegro.

bar, which offers guests a great deal of freshness. It can also provide you with the most shocking sunset. Queen's Beach is 500 meters from Sveti Stefan. The water park is not too long, about 200 meters, but its small size gives it a sense of secrecy. Other beaches that you can go to Ricardova glava, Przno, Becici, Trsteno, Jaz and Maestral, are a few names.

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& lt; Seasonal Christmas Eve Season

Six Christmas Feasts on Christmas Holidays, Just Your Holiday

Does Christmas organize a sense of stress and worry about shopping for children and families, decorating the house, and celebrating the festivities? The involvement of the parties and so on lasts very hard work and energy. OH MY GOD! I did not get it at all because I reminded the past. All those parties, or later working on drinks and celebrations, are so often expected from us, or that we think they are expected of us.

Christmas can be a great time to celebrate an old friendship resumption and with neighbors. First, it is realistic. I have said this and again I say. Are you from a family or a dynasty? And honestly, nobody expects you, except for you. Be friendly with this holiday season and follow these tips to make this season happy for you and your family.

PS I have hosted this Christmas this year, yes, that's the first one I've been to for ten years now. Check out my Facebook posts to see if I'm enjoying a holiday …

Tip # 1 – Make a list of enjoying this holiday season. Examples: an open door home to host friends and neighbors. Volunteer for Christmas charity; Helps organize a school game. Complete your purchase a week before Christmas. buy a new suit or dress.

Now, limit these items to your top two. I say two because most of the people who have asked for my advice or help are usually those people who take a lot of things and later feel that they are more and more tired and exhausted during the time. They feel they are burning or burning around them. I know it because I'm one of those people. I wanted the job to be very good, had great expectations, and I was tired of it. Not good!

Choose a few things to do, enjoy good and enjoy this holiday season.

Memorandum # 2 – Specify the dates of those dates on your calendar or events.

Tip # 3 – Make all the tasks that must be met. Build them in mini-problems. ie to pick jewelry, buy or invitations, etc.

Memorandum # 4 – Highlight these items to complete.

Memorandum # 5 – Display all Mini Tasks that will end in week or day from the event. Make similar arrangements together. Try groups and tasks to minimize the amount you spend before and after.

Finally, Tip # 6 – Manage Your Time. You are in control of time and not something. Let me give you a lot of time to complete the tasks. So when you run half of life, you can easily overcome them, because it's time to manage them, rather than control them. This means that roads, road conditions, additional long lines in stores, full parking places, and more. Being Christmas at the time, everyone goes out to shopping, go to parties, and so on, let me give you 1/4 time to complete similar tasks that you are doing during the year.

Create, record, set specific times for tasks, tell your family about your decisions, and schedule a few things you can do this season to make your Christmas party and pre-seasonal fun.

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Costa del Sol's holidays are subjected to beatings

With the sun, sea, nightlife, and golf, Costa Del Sol has something to appeal to all British tourists. Only two hours away from the plane, the world is far from the cold, miserable summers we are carrying in the UK.

Costa Del Sol passes through the southern coast of Spain and the Middle East, from the West to Hoela, to the east of the Almira region. Here the land is called Andalusia, but the shore is "on the shores of the sun."

Not surprisingly, it is called: During the past 30 years, it has become a magnet for British tourists, with a specially-equipped sun in the summer months. Unfortunately, in the 70's it gained a bit of disgrace for various reasons, but it is more popular in this area than worrying.

As well as the miles of the hot, southern beaches, there are many golf courses that give the name "Coast del Golf" the most common name. If the golf is your spree, then the Coastal Sol Holidays will give you trainings, ways, and environment to boost your game.

When you consider Coast del Sol holidays, Malaga, Torebolinos, Marbella, Estepona, Puerto Bonus spring. Many are rich and well-known sunny cards, but many are regular UK budgets.

Nightlife is full of holiday resorts, but if club, dance and karaoke are not yours then midnight heat can easily be enjoyed in a relaxed dish with beer apron.

During cafes, restaurants and shops, as the catalanger smells and crushed olives, on the beach at the Mediterranean coast, as the evening heat promises more sunshine the next day.

The holidays of the Coastal Del Sol are ideal for the family as children enjoy the beach, the sea, the hotel pool, and the opportunity to associate with locals or other visitors.

Take your sun cream, shades, scrubs and a good holiday book and you will have a great time at Costa Del Sol. All this and it's just two hours by the Malaga airplane.

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African Safari Holiday

One of the best-preserved safari secrets is the Chilean Island, 27 km from Mombasa coastal Africa. Here, visitors can cover themselves in their native volcanic mud in Crazy Creek and become younger than they actually are. Why waste money on cosmetics?

For the first time, I saw people dip the mud, pointing to one of Michael Palin's television programs. Little did I know that the village where I have always been on holiday, in my own yard, is a little quiet for merry-go-round tourists. I first went to this place when visiting Kenya Marine and Fish Breeding Research Institute during my field trips.

The Institute then works on a very special project that studies rare Mangroves species in the University of Italy. Because of my interest in traditional medicine, I wandered around and visited a traditional healer and Diego chief Mze Abdallah Mnenze, who I met through the Kenyan Etiology Society. As a successful etnologist, Mzee Mnyenze knows one or two things you can not find in Botanical Books. So when I have the opportunity to visit the beautiful Mumpsas, I pay her only to listen to her wisdom under the coconut trees that enjoy the marine bracelet, the smell of the Indian powerful flock. I pay close attention to the point.

Kenya national museums are trying to preserve this sacred forest for rare species of mangroves, birds, and English people who pay close attention to foreign and local visitors.
Experts note that natural vegetation on the island is very unique. Coastal Kayas, as they are called, are a mixture of many ancient mangrove species of marine and terrestrial ecosystems that do not have biological diversity in the world.

In these forests, there are many Digo cultural towels scattered on the island but whose secrets are known only to a few Digo elders who have been transferred from generation to generation.

Nowadays there are tourist houses in this beautiful area. A visit to this area is rewarded with traditional dances and a mildew bath that cools the skin. I was very convinced that I would leave my clothes, but I'm glad I did. Will not go to cosmetic surgery before you visit the Chile mud bath. It is free and the cottages are very cheap but rich. Why spend on expensive cosmetics and careless operations? Go dive into the mud.

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13 Facts About Tener:

As far as we know, Tenerife has become the best holiday destination in Europe and continues to grow every year with more visitors. There are many interesting facts about Tenerife, and if you are going to visit, here are 13 facts that start with you.

1. Flag's flag is the same as the Scottish flag

2. Every year, 5 million tourists visit Teeremiou

3. While some of Europe and the euro are using their currency, this is not part of the EU.

4. Tourism leads to the local economy of Tenerife and constitutes 60% of GDP

5. Six people in Tenerife are engaged in tourism / hospitality

6: Tenerife has the world's largest island volcano Mount Tide

7: About 43% of the entire population of the islands live in Tenerife

8: Every year about 5 times more people visit Traner than there are people.

9. Small bumper stickers with "SP", which can be found in many vehicles, do not stand for Spain, but rather "Servicio Publico".

10. Tennis offers five more star properties than Madrid or Barcelona

11. Siem Park, Tenerife's Time-Thematic Water Park, offers the world's tallest water meter.

12. Taneféf is the largest Canary islands

13. Tenerife has 300 sunny days

There are many more fun facts about the place, and the Tenerife feasts are something that is highly recommended – it is an ideal holiday for young couples (or singles) looking for a busy nightlife and

From UK to Tenerife flights are only for 4 to 5 hours, and your entire holiday can be scheduled only if you only want to participate in our directory offering a service, do not hesitate to register your details. Good luck! Teachers Tenerife by category Shoe budget, making it the ideal place for a festive celebration

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