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Indonesia has two Greek words. Indos – Indian and "Nesos", which means the islands. This is a descriptive description of the archipelago, as it is estimated at 17,508 islands, of which only 6,000 reside in between the Australian and Asian continents, 5,150 km. The main islands are Sumatra Calimanta (Sulawesi Irian Jaya) and last but not least Java. The capital of the country Jakarta has a fascinating and significant history

Climate The climate in Indonesia is definitely a tropical one. The main seasons are summer, winter, and mousson. it yields autumn and spring.

Culture Indonesia is rich in art and culture that is based on religion and age traditions. The basic principles that lead to life include the concept of mutual aid or "gonone roon". Religious effects on the community vary from island to island. Indonesia is rich in culture with 250-300 ethnic groups.

From the beautiful hall and temple dances to charming folk dances and shameless play, Indonesia's performing art offers a great view of the sorts and styles, a shadow doll known.

Culinary Fish products especially in diet are fresh, salted, dried, smoked or paste. Coco is found everywhere. Potato food is traditionally different from rice corn, gooseberry, cassava – sweet potatoes. Indonesia is a mixture of beaches, forests and cats s- Amlapura, Bali Barat National Park, Irian Jaya, Java, Jakarta, Baluran National Park, Karimunjawa Islands, Caliñán (Borneo), Guinea Islands, Guinea Rinjiang Rittegao, Tanotaraa, Sumatra, Bukit Barishan Selatan National Park, Harau Valley, Jangga Village, Kererii-Seblat National Park, Lingga Village, Medan, Mentaura Islands, Ngala Inda caves, Nga Sanya (Sianok Canyon), Padang, Pandaan Beach, Pandi Sikat, Parapat, Samosir Island, Siberut Island, Sipiso-piso Waterfall, Taman Hutan Raya Bung Hatta and more.


On the Malaysian peninsula, it has developed in maritime trade routes between China, India and the Middle East. It is displayed on the earliest map, which translates as "Golden Horseshoe." Malacca's Straits is called "Sinus Sabaricus". Two distinct parts of Malaysia are separated from each other by the South China Sea and have a similar landscape that stands out in the western and eastern Malaysia in the coastal plains, often rising to forested hills and mountains. Putrajaya is the newly established administrative capital and the capital is Kuala Lumpur. Georgetown, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Alor Sar, Malacca Tow and Klang are major cities.

Climate – It's a warm and wet year in Malaysia.

Culture – Malaysia is a multinational, multicultural and multilingual society consisting of 52% of Malazis and other indigenous peoples. Together with Malaysians, Chinese and Indians, they live in music, art, food, dance, architecture and the general day of the day, which somehow affects all three countries, creating the most fascinating sounds of Asia, sights and preferences. . Traditional Malay music is heavily influenced by Chinese and Islamic forms, it is based on a gang, but includes other drums. The country has dance and dance dramatic traditions, some Thai, Indian and Portuguese origin. Other artistic forms include: wayang kulit (shadow puppet theater), silat (style martial arts).

Kitchen – There is a great diversity. spicy tuna, endless variety of Chinese food, exotic cuisine from North and South India, as well as Nionia and Portuguese Foods.

Hot spots – Malaysia in big cities, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, etc. The costume of the Malaysian style is quite clear. Malaysia is proud of Asia's most beautiful beaches, mountains and national parks. Cameron Highlands, Batu Caves, Lake Gardens, Sepilok Orang-Utan Restoration Center, Taman Negara National Park.

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5 Tips to avoid holiday rentals

We were all there …

It's half winter, it's too cold and the days are just beginning and ending. Not fun. And we begin to think or fantasizing about the long summer days when the nights seem endless, and you can actually do something better than …. see.

We need to become a rope and wait for bright glasses. What's better than a family holiday? We travel the net when we sit in our cold study, look at luxury hotels, motels, holiday homes, and then look at our lists. An amazing holiday rental is just in the area we want. Well, what do we say and investigate? Holiday rentals are secret, it is interesting, it has amazing scenes with sparkling sand, modern design, it's called, it has. Wow! we say: Betting that will cost a fortune. So we strongly press for the price of the inspection. The price rises, we rush to math and calculate that it's actually not too bad. The daily price per person is much more than the local caravan park. What is the bark? We send an email request.

In a few days, the owner will be in contact with us for the price and bank details so that we can pay the deposit. Everyone reads, and we go ahead, we are sure that we have a great holiday for the family. We are sitting with a sulfur smile that is very pleased with us.

The festive time is coming. We ship the car to the family and we are on the way. After six hours we are tired of fighting the roads and other drivers, the family is spotty, forced to sit in the car with festive demands, and our colleague complains of migraine as a result of the continuing struggle of children. The destination can not be reached soon.

And then we are there. The owner has provided us with a map. Of course, it's a small sketch, but you've sailed the London Pipeline. How difficult will it be to find a resting place? With your nearest brain, your partner sails for you, giving instructions that you know is not right. What do you mean by switching the highway off? It is still 10k on the beach. Ahhh, you're resting, holiday rentals are advertised as private. The side road to the edge of the road is part of the plan. The bitumen path turns into a gravel and goes several times over the narrow deviation that resembles a goat's path, which inevitably causes the car to swallow one of the more impressive layers. The beginning of your nerve sweat on your forehead. Your heart, however, removes the help when your partner laughs "there".

You fall in the car into the trail, such as the branches called the tailless wings next to the car. & # 39; Everything will be fine. Do you worry about yourself? The house is home to an interesting forest monument surrounded by fresh flowers and flowers. You are surrounding yourself in a great native forest. This can not be right. You can grab a map and check it out. Are you sure your partner has made a mistake? No error.

You stole your partner, whose face is frozen in mobility. Your teenage daughter, as usual, sums up with the perfect classic one. "You can not be serious. I do not stay in that tail. & # 39; Even your son, adventure, is lost for words.

I hope you will get out of the car, being convinced that the great views of the beach and the ocean have fallen. You have not detected them yet. You are in the box and you see the ocean. Far away, away from the blue pie. At the same time, your partner scans the owner's instructions, from which to find the keys. You both stepped out in the pursuit of keys. Well, the view is not enough what you expect, but yes, maybe the house will be better.

After ten minutes of fruitless searches, you return to empty. No keys. Now you lose it. You have touched the owner's contact information on your phone and made you spiritually prepare yourself for this owner's service, becoming more dissatisfied when your call is compressed by voice mail. In spite of this, the resistance leaves a few choices with short, twelve messages. Call me. Now. & # 39;

Comfortable partner & # 39; finds & # 39; open doors and go in. Inspiration. For your help, the inside looks good, better than expected. As a result of thorough checking, you will find fatal flies and a lot of horror for your daughter is a large dressing room decorated on the door. There are stones on the ski slopes. heaters and oven recycle an open fire boiler. The undercover guards are full of windows that are dusty, there are several cockroaches that cover the lid and shock your partner when you find a condom with a bed.

Do you think you finally hit the rock band when the entire family disturbed by the bathroom runs on finding a brutal daughter on the tiles in the genitals? Do you accept the defeat? There is no way your family will ever let you go.

Twenty hours later, holiday vacations have been exhausted in the network, with a small victory. The camp and garden owners, located in the local caravan park, offer a pleasant tent and bedding for an extra $ 100 a day. & # 39; transaction & # 39; Do you wonder if the bank account is unsettled and will return the magnificent prospect for the pursuit of ENA owners?

Yes, we were all there. So how do you avoid holiday rentals? Read these helpful tips and you will not be able to avoid all the issues you will definitely feel about how to eliminate some of them.

1. Your research. And then explore a few. When you find the feature that you like, Google's name and address. See what other sites are listed in the property and check out various photos so you have a good idea of ​​what the feature really looks like. Look at Google Maps property. Is it close to the services because the statement claims that it is? Check the amount of charges, it is likely that if the property is regularly charged, the owner has a good reputation.

2. Check the terms and conditions of the site you are ordering. Are their terms and conditions included in the advertised individual qualities or a set of common site terms that the state "does not have all the care and responsibility"? or refers to the owner.

3. Look what other guests have said about the property. Referring to Trip Advisor reviews or reviewing the property listings on Google Business.

4. Be careful about paying. Read the cancel and refund policy. Opportunities, if you are registered for Easter or Christmas, can be difficult for you to return, except for real reasons. Your reservation has been received by the holder for other charges during this period, and as one of the main weekly profits, they will want to pay and have the conditions to cover that feature.

5. If you know the holiday holder personally, you have ordered the property or you know someone who pays for the holiday rental business. The properties are governed by experienced and qualified property managers, standards are defined, and if not met, a local office and staff that you can actually see for speaking and as holiday rentals are their business, and you are their client they want to provide, that you look good.

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Latest Travel Market App

Islamic Holidays and Halal Friendly Holidays are a few expressions that we hear today more and more in the world of travel. What does it mean: Finding more nutritious food is a form of holiday that depends on the type of lifestyle. Traveling is what almost everyone loves doing as it breaks in everyday life. Thus, it is not surprising that the travel industry, as a whole, works for different needs for food. We are regularly informed about such holidays as luxury holidays, luxury tours, eco holidays, weekends, budget holidays, weekends and weekends. The list is literally endless, as new and innovative festive ideas are brought to the market.

Global trends and needs are constantly changing, and such a new trend is the development of the holiday form known as Halal Holidays. These holidays have taken into consideration all aspects of the Muslim lifestyle and are intended for every detail, direction, accommodation, food, and other such requirements so that the landlord can really enjoy the holidays. The creators of the Muslim holiday become a large market of traveling travels at great speed, and the requirements for relaxation are profitable, even at relatively early stages. That is why more and more holiday providers and housing service providers are developing the need for that market.

Simply put, the Islamic holidays take into consideration the demands of Islamic lifestyles, by providing certain means that help to facilitate and safeguard customs. Separated areas for men and women are provided with separate swimming pools, isolated beach areas for different gender and even spa facilities. There are even individual male and female representatives who are looking at the needs of the guests. This allows Muslim women to spend their holidays with their family as they can also enjoy a pool in the pool of male sex. Then, guests may be confident that they eat the food and that it meets their religious requirements. Halal tourist food service providers do not serve alcoholic beverages while giving important information, such as prayer time and direction, and even in some cases prayer rugs.

Halal holidays are rising by more and more popular Muslim travelers who find that they eliminate the pressure on holiday days that fit their lifestyle. We are confident that in the future we see further growth of this type.

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Luxurious Holidays: Planning can maximize pleasure

Travel and stay free. set aside your stress and burden. ignore your life's pressure? it should be demanded and expected by those who are going to vacation. Today's technology and fierce competition have forced us to enjoy the time and welcomed anxiety and boredom in our lives. This continuous scenario requires that we all have a relaxing break from our repetitive and sometimes weighty regimes.

Satisfaction of the soul, the body and the mind. it can be reached after the upcoming luxury holidays. Indeed, a luxurious vacation is the most important events in human life that are full of exotic and fun memories about your memorable journeys. This vacation can be the best way to refresh your spirit while watching body temperature intensity or relaxing massage. Gorgeous vacation can be a powerful guide in your life to spend time restoring yourselves.

Pleasurable luxury holiday has a peculiarity of what you perceive – the ideal setting whether it's a western sight of the beach or a ski downhill on the beach – spoils traveling service, friendly staff, wonderful company and all the elements combined. and your festive visits and activities will give you the opportunity to maximize the pleasure.

Do you want to maximize your luxury holidays? Consider the following points and select your next luxurious vacation.

1. Vacation on a walk can not fully authorize your choice of destination. However, planned holidays have the opportunity to enjoy. Planning is the key to making luxurious holidays more enjoyable. For example, after making a decision to hold a celebration on the land or at sea, you can choose where to go where you can stay or you can.

2. Hotels are of vital importance, which can break or travel. It's the place where you can leave your stresses up and gather new energies for a new day. Thus, for a complete rest, you need to be actively involved in the search for the right gorgeous retreat, which offers all the facilities and services. The rented luxurious retreats are located in the hottest spots allowing you to breathe and cheer up every new discovery during your journey. Yes, you do not have to walk or drive a city to enjoy and participate in your activities.

3. The exchange rate plan should be high or low depending on where you hired luxury retreat, you can easily change the currency at a location or simply use your payment or credit card. Luxury boutique hotels are waiting for smart travelers who are loyal to all world-class amenities. Such hotels are located in many local areas or areas. vehicles and parking lots, as well as other traveling accessible vehicles. Luxury boutique hotels depend on all the world-class services and activities, choose a trip to your next trip.

4. Luxury travel packages also enjoy the immune pleasure of any place you visit. These packages offer relaxing free entertainment. because they are equipped with every solution to make your journeys full of fun. Examining exotic tourist destinations; Excursions and journeys; You can enjoy your journey up to go; Each item in luxury travel packages is configured to take your time away from the holidays.

5. If adventure is in your mind, and you want to feel the goose and live in a hurry, then choosing an adventure can make you reach potential and only dream and challenge it. On the other hand, luxury spa holidays allow you to discover your inner identity, restore your mind, body and spirit. So, your interests play a big role when it comes to determining which goal is to choose the desired luxury holidays.

Whether you want to avoid life stress, your professional responsibilities, or just want to try something new, each one of us must break the world of pressure from this fast pace. Traveling allowance never ends, learn about new culture, taste new foods, discover new places and turn your axis into a fun and living life. Nothing in fairy tale can bring happiness and joy to our lives.

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8 Ways to Overcome Holiday Concerns:

When we celebrate holidays, it is easy to feel depressed and stressful. After all, there are plenty of things to do, and so many details, big and small, to organize and surpass. There are candidates to buy (and pack); decorate the house. preparing food. Relatives are resting (think of their mother). The legs of the list are endless.

However, to handle a number of problems and 24 hours in just one day, how can you prevent the previous festive stress from becoming his ugly head and coming out? After all, stress is inevitable … right.

Well, maybe not. If you have the right tools and the right thinking. Here are eight ways to enjoy your holidays without stressing them.

-> 1. Watch your money.

This is the picture. Your kids are pushing for the latest Nintendo Wii. your sister confessed to Prada tote. your husband would like to love a new collection of golf clubs … The gimme factor lasted and the list of I-gotta-var continues.

Of course, it feels good that you spend your bulk money for your love. But when the visa bill appears in your mailbox, the emotional factor undermines the gloomy and sad fear, "How do I pay for all of this?"

The secret, which is not confidential, is the financial means. you will not hit your birth at once. Staying in your budget is out of your reach. Do not worry about the last or greatest stress, and the disappointment of your friends and family is the last thing you want to do. But stay awake at night, worry about how you are going to fund your holiday expenses, the shock is much worse.

Stress-free solution. Gifts from the store are, of course, the easiest way, and the underwear in the home never comes out of style. And a good emotional factor. Happiness. (For crafty inspiration, go to

-> 2. Leisurely Snack.

Eating and drinking in holiday festivals may seem like snow in December. But congestion comes with a high price, weight gain.

To supplement this holiday season (and we do not talk about your king bed bed), avoid the grave like a grave. This does not mean you have to abstain from all yummy holiday fare. No way! Just do not use holidays as walnuts to go nuts. Key? Moderators; moderation; moderation.

Stress-free solution. A small but satisfying pre-dinner snack – a fatty yogurt container. 100 calorie packages, microwave popcorn or oatmeal. 10 almonds. cheese stick to keep you from dessert table. (For more tips and graphics related to food, including everyday fitness and calorie / nutrition calculator –
go to

-> 3. Design:

If you, as the majority of Americans, have purchased most of your holiday gifts at the last minute, you are not making an episode of yourself. Not only the split second shopping adds stress-burden loads, but it does not spoil bad decisions, ends with more money than before you planned and did your holiday shopping on election day.

Clock return is not an option (who really thinks it is snowing in September), but that does not mean that next year can not plan ahead. When your breath turned up and your lights flashed, hitting post-sale sales and removing all your deals from year to year, birthday, anniversary, wedding and baby swimwear, holiday gifts, etc. Will you be happy?

Stress-free solution. Shop online! Even though you can not get any serious deals, do not worry. Savings that you will get, are prudently worth the price. (For non-commercial trading solutions, organized on occasion, go to

-> 4. Stores out of the peak.

If you have to hit the mall on December 24 and say, you have not warned yourself to take a mitvah and go off-peak hours. According to my cousin Sarah, who can cheat 300 minutes for sale, the best time to go for a walk is from 4.30pm to 6.30pm – dinnertime! I tried it (black Friday), and found that no ghost town, the pre-dinnertime shopping center was quite restless.

Stress-free solution. Use your pupil to think that out of the box (or store as it may be).

-> 5. Keep expectations realistic.

For many people, holidays may be emotionally nervous, paying so much attention to cheerful, cheerful and gay (happy happiness, not the direct eye for the man). But not everyone feels dancing around the choir during the holiday season, especially if there is a sad event, tragedy or loss of family (death, divorce, divorce, etc.).

Stress Solution: If you can keep your eye on the prize, thank you for your health. House; performance work; supportive family and friends are less likely to feel "less" because your life is all the roses, sunflowers and smiling faces (which in any case exceeds).

-> 6. Live in harmony (or at least fake). Celebrations seek to bring families together, which is not always a good thing, especially if your family is more Osborn than Osmond. But that's fine. No family is perfect, and you do not need it.

At the same time, the holidays are not at the time of emotional conflicts, ugly domestic violence, or dirty linen penetration. If you deceive your aunt Blanche, ____ (choose an accusation) there is no rule saying that you can not keep it. Your bedroom is not a Jerry Springer rink. In other words, come back.

Stress-free solution. Avoid the emotional family confrontation, at least until the mistletoe has been removed.

-> 7. Customer assignments.

Of course, everyone thinks you are Superwoman and you are in many ways. But that does not mean you have to do festive shopping, wrap up the presents, clean house, chef, serve and clean the dinner, and stay in the joyful festive mood at the same time. Do you deserve any help?

Asks one of the ways to get help. But tell people around you what you expect from them, what you need, is often the most effective way to get the job done.

Stress-free solution. "Do not ask, do not say," does not work in military operations and it will not work during the holiday season. So ask. Tell me:

-> 8. Add some fun fun.

Runs like an invisible chicken, does not serve any purpose, and does not make you feel like it's a ridiculous chicken. Besides, there was a better way to get there. As for those who are trying to actually enjoy these changes.

Of course, putting your feet and enjoying a ski slope is easier said than done, especially when the list of your to-do is the opponent of the boy. But there is one way. Try enjoying the holiday preparation process.

Instead of stealing your festive cards, for example, some festive music (my choice, James Taylor on Christmas Holidays), hug a hot, dumb and pen pen and write. Before you know, your list will end and you really enjoy the process. What kind of concept?

Stress-free solution. Your inner Mary Pierce and think: "In every work that needs to be done / There is an element of fun / You find the fun and magic. / Jobs is playing. " Hey, if she worked for Mary …

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Exquisite budgetary fairs in Bali

A visit to Bali, the God of the Gods, is a truly magnificent experience. Bali not only offers a wonderful scenery, but also offers a rich, unique culture. Though thousands of tourists visit the island annually, you will find that the Balinese are still loyal to their traditional values.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Bali, offers varied hotels with breakfast, luxury resorts and private villas. Most travelers believe that renting a private villa can be really expensive. Fortunately, villas in Bali are available at different rates. You can easily find many budgetary holiday villas on paradise island with excellent properties. The exchange rate during the low season is 130 USD / night, up to $ 750 / night. All these budget villas offer quality amenities and services as well as a great view. Each of them is equipped with a swimming pool, and some of them even have their own golf course. Each villa offers a great view. You can choose one that is on the sea or one that depends on the green rice tyrants. You can easily find one that fits your every wish.

If you want more secrecy and tranquility during your holiday, holiday villas in this budget are a great place for you. Each villa offers no more than five bedrooms, and some even provide one bedroom. They are suitable for individuals, couples, small families, a small group of friends, and even couple couples. Villages of this budget are scattered throughout the Bali region. The most common places are seminary, Kangg and Jimbara, among many.

Apart from different scenes, these villas have different architectural styles. Most modern contemporary designs are combined with antique furniture. Nevertheless, those who prefer ethnic touches, also have several villas that are accessible to the classical Balinese architecture. The examples of this traditional architecture are Villa Awang Awang ("Awang Awang" means "between floating sky and country") and Vila Begi ("Beji Spring Water" in Balin) .You can see two examples of Ubud

All budgets in Bali have basic services, such as chefs, safety guards, gardeners and housewives, and whenever problems arise, you can always contact the manager Some villas even allow guests to access luxurious hotels convenience For example, Villa Sunset Golf, this La Luna villa offers its guests an opportunity to use all the facilities of the Le Meridien Hotel.

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Home Houses Fairs – Useful Terminology and History

The rental of a pool in France is the same as a Scottish castle rent or a fee for the Italian Cup. And the difference is not only geographical. Together with the Spanish castillo, words are commonly used as translations for each other and are derived from the same root of Latin as they refer to at different colors at once.

Meanwhile, the castle of England is a very special sight, first of all, a settlement for the feudal dynasty, which is normally substantial and immediately recognizable with its (usually) barbed towers, the French layer is not just a fortress in France. Though the French cat is a literal translation of the English word, the term is, in essence, much wider and may actually mean an old or large home. The French term chateau fort is used for a medieval, fastened castle. What differs from the French ropeway is that it is a great place in rural areas, unlike the city, literally the urban equivalent. Again, this is different in English, England, Scotland, Wales, or the palace in Ireland, as seen in the village.

As for the search for holiday rentals, the significant difference is less likely to be social, historical or architectural, interesting, though those aspects, but the price. Fortunately for a rental in England, Scotland, Wales, or Ireland, the fort is reasonable for a week and exclusive use of twenty thousand pound sterling, whereas in France you can hire 3,000 euros per week, although it is likely to be what is called in England a house home or even a farm.

Since medieval castles were primarily a castle of the local power, their size would reflect its power and its power level, smaller buildings that make up the not-built agricultural land around it. Just as these lords were spreading in the British Isles and France, they also had their authority and symbols. However, many of these truly medieval structures survive, and most of the castles, chateaux and home-based homes are rented from the 17th and 18th centuries, and sometimes even later.

As regards the deployment of chateaux and houses in the future, on the one hand, France is practically different between England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. In the latter, the houses of the great house of aristocracy (still called fortresses, although they no longer had military significance) were still land, as they represented their owners. the local precedent, although their supremacy has now become social, not political, and, for example, the lease of castles in Scotland, for example, homes in the state of leasing in England can be found almost everywhere.

Nevertheless, the local social preference in France is simply not worthy: all meaningful aspirations were centered on the Versailles King and the Court for both the aristocracy and the new rich bourgeoisie who followed them. As such, the rented roof in France is more likely to be in the center, not in the environment, in the Laura Valley, in Normandy, Burgundy and Dordo.

The situation in Italy is different again. As in the UK, a castello (castle) is a medieval or revival military fortress. Here's how to rent an equivalent rental villa. The urban equivalent is the palazol of the house of the house (which is more like France), although this term also includes the fortified settlements of the reign of Italian cities. Unlike in France, however, villas can be found almost everywhere on the peninsula, England, as in England, with the gravity of local interests awaiting the gravity of the central government rather than the central government, Italy, until the mid-eleventh century, a dozen or overcrowding of more independent states. As a result, you can find a castello or Italian villa to rent anywhere from Sicily to Tuscany in Veneto.

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Overcoming Suspected & # 39; Holidays During Holidays:

For many, the holiday season is a great time of the year. This is often the time of family reunion, association and celebration, when families, friends, and employees gather together for goodwill and good food. Season is bright, happy and full of good relationships. However, for those who suffer from disorders, it is often the worst time of the year. For those who are worried about the private hell of anorexia, bulimia or cerebral disorders, holidays often increase their personal struggle, causing them great internal pain and suffering.

In the center of change, we've been asking many patients for years to share from their personal experiences of what the holidays were like in eating disorders. Women in this article are of different ages, but all suffer from a long illness. When you read the following holes, you feel the suffering of the suffering that falls on the festive day of this year.

"Unlike any other ordinary teenager, I always hate it when the holiday season is rolling like a bad child in such a happy environment. I was the only person who did not like food, people and celebrations, holidays for me was a holiday of fear and isolation, another celebrated the weight, but added to my body the smell of food. – The twelve-year-old woman

"The holiday season is always the most complicated time of my eating disorder. The celebrations in my family are striving to focus on food. The combination of anxiety in the center of family and focus tends to be a tremendous trigger which easily perceives my eating disorder. I have to rely on external support to overcome the accents of the holidays at best. A 19-year-old woman

"Over the last few years, I felt awful in the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. I felt like I was trapped and like food. Holidays: I was terrified of my body and I did not want anyone to see me from the fear of eating that they would judge me. "An 18-year-old woman

These letters are women suffering from anorexia, bulimia and sadness, reveal emotional intensity that they feel during the holiday season. Their fear of weight and becoming, in their mind, is rude and disgusting, the monster that they must deal with whenever they have tasted any of the foods that are so wonderful and common for the holidays

For the slaughtered holidays – Anorexia's Tale

Anorexia feels terrified because they have no idea what the usual food for them. Most of them feel that eating means getting immediate benefits. By the way, some of them say that only the appearance or smell of food is terrible because their fat or fat fears are not always present in their minds, and some simply think about food to be able to create a severe shock, pain and sin. Anorexia is a major offense by involving any type of food. Eating food is evidence that they are weak, beyond control and insufficient. Anorexian men and women are often scared to eat while eating or seeing them when eating. One customer felt that every eye was at his festive gatherings. Many people with anorexia share their emotions because of their fears about food.

"My life is a feeding disorder during the holidays, which is a living hell, constantly hiding and frightened, confuses the life and hates every moment surrounded by food. It was so pain and sin inside me that I did not know where I would go back, except for my eating disorder. "The twelve-year-old woman

" It's going to be hard for all food and festivals. When I'm inside and struggling with "normal" food, I need help, emotional understanding, and support for family and other people. " Be careful, but please. I'll Leave in a Family – An Eleventh Three-Year-Old Woman

The importance of these quotes for the treatment of anorexia has been found to be the result of tremendous pressure and conflict that consumes the normal food and social activity of the season, their inner sufferings and pain often hide from their environment , in their continuous words, "fat" or can hide their involvement and avoidance in their precedents.

The hidden monster of the Holidays: Bulima's Tales and Benten Eat

A woman with severe bulimia or sad food disorder at the other end of the food disorder spectrum finds that the holidays are a real nightmare because there is so much emphasis on food on the fact that they turn into it. Bing's food and subsequent cleansing become more clear as most of the food and sweets associated with festive celebrations are tempting. Celebrations can be a pleasant surprise, but also during a great temptation and self-rejection for their secret life. Some even use the cigarette's eating and / or theft as a form of self-evaluation through celebrations.

Many women who suffer from diarrhea or bulimia often live in hellfire, in particular and secretly, often feel great self-esteem. Many family and friends may appear positive and normal, even when the sufferer experiences a lot of discouragement and negativity about loss of self-esteem. Those who know their family's eating disorder have this terrible feeling that they are the main attraction of a supper, where every trip to the food or bath is considered a great loss and disappointment to their family.

"Christmas is the most difficult time with my bulimia, so much food, so much love and joy, but I could not feel love or joy, so I was replaced by food as a substitute. I'm going to be unwanted and happy.

"The secret and lying of the weekend make it very difficult for me. I have to decide if my food or rotation is restricted, then steal for cleansing. " – Twelve-year-old woman

In the course of time, the effects of food and bulimia have been detected. and dishonesty, which is required to protect and cover their eating disorder on holidays. They often feel hatred for their continued fraud to justify or explain their behavior to family and friends. In addition, they live in constant fear,

Family and friends. Possible Impulsive Promotions to Gift Gifts

Festive ideas show what is good for the family and other personal relationships. During these years, actions may involve family members and friends in intensive and often emotional ways. Unfortunately, they can be terrible when eating great. emotionally with other people. In such situations, they may feel vulnerable and dangerous, and then return to their food disorder to restore control and self-confidence.

Some family dynamics, such as the conflict, can encourage those with disorder disorders. Fighting with perfection, rejection of feelings, fear of disrespect and control, are often frustrated by women suffering from illness. Parents, family members, or friends give strong emotions and convictions that are unacceptable, inappropriate or frustrating for someone, but especially for someone with painful edema. Involvement in family celebrations has the potential to overcome old issues, fears, conflicts and concerns about family relationships. As a result, emotional distress can feed the feeding disorder and tighten the problem.

"Having unpleasant eating disorders in my mind is quite controversial. I know they just want to get to and help, but I feel that great help will be a great effort to move on weekends. twelve-year-old woman

"Holidays with food and family mess are pure hell when you eat it. Remember, it's just food and we have more power than food." The three-eighteen-year-old woman

The following is a suggestion that we have made some suggestions for the treatment of patients. "What are your three choices for family and friends who want to help the holiday season go a bit better that they suffer from eating disorder?" Women offering these suggestions are fourteen to forty-four and their suggestions offer valuable insights and perceptions that can be useful to you as a friend or family member. Breathing with eating disorders can help promote holidays less than you love. The recommendations are as follows:

– Do not worry about what your loved one eats. A little encouragement is a good thing.
– Pay a lot of attention to food, it can only burn the eating disorder. Ask her how she is doing and see if she needs any help.
Do not be anxious about how he feels, you just have to do everything to support him.
– Offer a lot of support and know what can cause anxiety and try and understand what it feels like. Understand, good and support.
– Spend a good time with your beloved.
– Be sure that the primary focus of the holiday is not on food but in the family and in a valuable time that you will join together.
– Allow other activities that do not contain food, such as games, singing carols, opening gifts, decorating and spending time just talking together.
– Allow him to prepare a meal that he will feel comfortable eating.
– Prior to the Feast of the Feast and before family gatherings, agree on how best you can help your loved one. Order the arrangements you have made.
– Do not lift and pay attention to praise when it eats.
– Do not talk about diets, weight loss or weight gain. It causes great anxiety and can increase the behavior of emotional disorders.
– Do not look.
– Learn about sickness and fluctuations that will help your beloved to develop skills, as well as strategies that conflict with unpredictable thoughts and admonitions.
– Do you know something about its struggle, fluctuations, and behaviors? Then, if you see them, you can approach him, especially after lunch and offer ways he can help in some cases and learn how to be helpful and supportive.
– If you see him struggling, ask him if he wants to speak but ask for it privately.
– Pay attention to how he feels inside, what issues he is worried about, what is fear, what he needs, than what he eats.
– Try to pay attention to unfavorable eating habits that are of extreme concern.
– Be patient and nourishing.
– Treat Love and Respect no matter what happens.
– Let him know that he loves her.
– Help him introduce him to the food, talk about common or important subjects.
– Do not let him be too isolated.
– Be emotional and physically hugged and emotionally friendly to her.

There are a few topics that are obvious to diabetic patients and friends. One of the most important things is that primary attention and interest should be maintained on a family member or friend-a person outside of his eating habits or eating disorders. Offer these suggestions well, they are really heartfelt requests.

Family members and friends can help during the holidays

Family members and friends should know ways to help a loved one suffering from feeding disorders during the day she goes. Apart from the above suggestions, the following clinical recommendations can be helpful

– If your loved one is a child or adolescent in treatment and / or if you are taking part in Maudsley / Family Medicine, continue with your regular outline treatment program through holidays.
– If your loved ones are infected with an anorexia, they are learning about the approach of Maudli / Family-Based Treatment. It is important to give this approach.
– If your beloved is a serious medical or self-governing body, immediately organize intensive care / psychiatric care.
– Get professional help with your loved ones who have the experience and experience of eating disorders.
– It's important for everyone to be honest and front-facing.

When entering a family or social event, especially if people are aware of eating disorder, it is helpful for everyone to speak honestly about what will help and what will not help during the event. With this knowledge of the armed forces, family and friends can create a structure that is pleasing to all parties. Provide them a desire to be "supportive" without an attempt to control each problem. You can respond to their opinion on what can be useful to them by making positive changes. It helps to express love, gratitude, respect, and acceptance for your loved one.

– It is important to emphasize the purpose of celebrating the holiday and pay less attention to food or food.

If attention is concentrated on the holiday and its true meaning and purpose, rather than eating or eating disorders, it will be easier for your loved one to pay less attention. Highlight time, activity, and traditions that exceed the eating and eating habits. Let the food become a celebration, not in the center of attention.

– It is important for family and friends to avoid being responsible and guilty of eating disorders.

There is no need, and there is no good time for your guilty or guilty to hurt your loved one. Holidays are especially time-consuming. Eating disorders are insufficient for those diseases that have not been caused by one person or by one interdependence. It is also important to eat a disturbed person who is not responsible for the emotional response to eating disorders for their family and friends. There is a good deal about the holiday season. "We will spend time focusing on the need for nutrition, agreed before, and first of all we will focus on one another and it is meaningful in our family or in our social conditions." knowing that you can look beyond outbreaks of outbreaks because you are also concerned about the harm, pain, fear and guilt that they are inside. By recognizing the pain inside, nobody should be guilty of sin or guilty of eating disorder, allowing positive family associations and caring for emphasis. It is not necessary to "walk on egg accumulations", especially when everyone understands and accepts the nutritional requirements. Grace is a wonderful holiday gift for someone who has a disorder.

– It may be helpful to break down as few people as possible during the holiday season.

It's easier and less than fifty people than fifty people. Invite your friends or family members to participate in smaller, recurring and less chaotic social events and events. Simple talking and sharing as a small family member or a small circle of friends can do much to make the sense of belonging and security of a feeding disorder.

– Encourage your family member or friend to get extra support on their holidays.

Additional support can be provided by members of the family, other friends, community, and even the treatment team. If you know the benefits of this extra help during holidays, you can encourage this extra involvement rather than be injured or injured. Երբեմն, ուտելու խանգարման ունեցող մարդը չի կարող պատրաստ լինել լիարժեք սերը ստանալու եւ ընտանիքի անդամներին եւ ընկերներին առաջարկելու, բայց, այնուամենայնիվ, աջակցում եւ սիրում է նրանց: Դուք կարող եք ուղարկել հաղորդագրություն, «Մենք այստեղ ենք, աջակցելու համար, եւ դա լավ է, եթե մյուսները աջակցեն ձեզ:

– Կարեւոր է ընտանիքի եւ ընկերների համար հեռացնել ցանկացած անհիմն պահվածքի սպասելիքները կամ ճնշումները:

Երբեմն ուզում ես շատ բաներ ավելի լավ լինել, որ չես հասկանում, թե ինչպես է ձեր հիասթափված հույսերն ու ակնկալիքները իրականում խաղում, քանի որ խթանում են ուտելու խանգարման համար: Այս որոշակի ակնկալիքները թողնելով ձեր սեփական մտքի մեջ, ազատում է ձեզ արձագանքել եւ վայելել այն ամենը, ինչ ձեր սիրելիը կարող է տոներին ժամանակ անցկացնել: Ավելի օգտակար կլինի արտահայտել շատ ջերմություն, սիրո, բարության եւ ընդունման համար անձին. «Չկա ճնշում բան ապացուցելու մեզ տոն օրերին . Հատուկ, բաց կամ ակնկալվող ակնկալիքները վերացնելը ավելի ձեռնտու կլինի, քան գրեթե ցանկացած բան, որը կարող եք անել:

– Կարեւոր է խնամք տալ «տալ» եւ չմտածել «վերցնելը»: Լինելով ինքներդ հայտարարված բուժքույր, դիետոլոգ, թերապեւտ կամ դետեկտիվ, ձեզ դնում է ձեր ամենակարեւոր դերը `« սիրելի մեկը »

Դա ձեր գործն է, որ լուծեք կամ լուծեք ուտելու խանգարումը: Դա ձեր գործն է, խրախուսել մարմնի սնուցումը եւ հոգու կերակրացնելը: Շատ ծանր աշխատանք տան օրերին կերակրման անկարգությունների դադարեցումը դադարեցնելու համար կարող է վառել անազնվությունը եւ պաշտպանությունը, որն իրականում կերակրում է խնդիրը: Դուք պատասխանատվություն չեք կրում ասել կամ անել ամեն ինչ: Ոչինչ չեք անում կամ չեն անում ձեր ընկերոջ կամ ընտանիքի անդամի անձնական պատասխանատվությունը հաղթահարելու եւ վերականգնելու իրենց ուտելու խանգարումներից: Նա միակն է, ով կարող է անել այդ աշխատանքը, բայց դուք կարող եք հոգ տանել, empathize, խրախուսել եւ կիսել գործընթացը նրանց հետ: Լավ արտահայտվածը հաճախ ավելի օգտակար է, քան այն, ինչ իրականում ասվում կամ արվում է: Եթե ​​ձեր ընկերը կամ ընտանիքի անդամը գիտի, որ ձեր սիրտը գտնվում է նրանց կողմից, ապա դառնում եք նրանց հարմարավետության, աջակցության եւ անվտանգության ապահովման աղբյուր:


Այս ընդհանուր տոնական առաջարկությունները հիվանդների եւ մասնագետների կողմից ամբողջական ցուցակ չեն, բայց նրանք շեշտում են որոշ դրական մոտեցումներ, որոնք կօգնեն եւ աջակցում են ուտելու խանգարում ունեցող որեւէ մեկին: Հատուկ գաղափարները, ռազմավարությունները եւ համաձայնությունները, որոնք կարող են դուրս գալ ձեր սիրելիի հետ ձեր փոխհարաբերություններից `տոներից առաջ եւ ընթացքում, թույլ կտան այս գաղափարներն անհատականացված եւ եզակի լինել յուրաքանչյուր իրավիճակի համար: Հիշեք նաեւ, որ սնունդը խանգարող անձը ունի իր դրական բաների ցանկը, որը նա կարող է անել, որպեսզի օգնի նրան տոնական սեզոնի միջոցով: Հուսով ենք, որ այս հոդվածը օգտակար է ավելի լավ հասկանալու տարիքային այս սեզոնի ընթացքում տեղի ունեցած ուտելու խանգարումներից տառապող կարեւոր եւ դժվարին թվացող մարդկանց: Հուսով ենք, որ այս իրազեկումը եւ ըմբռնումը կօգնի մեզ բացահայտել տոների լավագույն նվերները, ովքեր սիրում եւ խնամում ենք այս տարվա ընթացքում:

Source by Randy K. Hardman, Ph.D.

Many holidays in the holiday season

Are we all fond of a good holiday? Stay away and relax. Here are some tips for you when you choose your next holiday, as there are many available and the harder you earn your hard earned money.

Think about your direction. For example, you want to leave the country and head out on a sunny or simply stay in the UK . Think about the time it will take to travel and the impact that your party can have. If you have children or animals, you can make it a few hours away from home. If you do not care for a long time, it expands your search.

As regards the budget. Times is strong and realistic about what you're ready to spend. Cost-sharing, food, new clothes, travel costs, such as arriving at the airport and emergencies. It can be more expensive than to understand when you add it all. Although your holiday is important, make sure you have enough money to stay at the end of your journey before paying before paying.

Think about who goes. Do you have a large family with different needs or are you a couple? Any member of your party has special needs or requests such as a special diet. Do you want to take your dog on holiday? Children need evening entertainment. Think about it and keep in mind that we should have & # 39; the items you can not do.

Shops around. Look at the internet for the latest deals, consider how long it is before your planned holiday. If you are not going for some time and you can stand the delay, you can wait and get the last minute deal. However, if travel is a long list of needs, you can pre-register and be sure that your holiday is organized. Do not forget the high street. You can get some good friendly holiday tips from your local travel agent. They are more likely to have more up-to-date information, able to give you personal experience and have a personal touch if you have problems that need to be arranged.

Finally, be sure to pack the package that the tour operator is registered with ABTA so that they can pass the bust, you can get your cash. Another means is to pay by credit card because you insure your credit card provider.

I hope you've found this information useful, I have a dog friendly dating directory that will stay in many UK places if you want to take your dog with you. Thank you for reading this article.

Source by Vicky Gordon

Travel to Japan to plan your Japanese holiday

The land of the beautiful island of Japan offers a lot to tourists. Popularly called the "Sun of the Sun", this vibrant nation is full of enthusiastic and industrious people. One of the first impressions you will know about this impressive land is the large number of people who are preparing for their various tasks. Japan is one of the most populous countries in the world, with over 30 million people living in Tokyo's capital.

If you are looking for a trip to Japan, you will be glad to know that your options are numerous. To get started, cheap accommodation in Japan would not have been easy. When it comes to searching for budget hotels in Japan, you will not get rid of the choice. One of the good things about cheap travel in Japan is that you can even use a discount in one of the most luxurious hotels. Regardless of whether you want to visit Tokyo or other cosmopolitan cities in Japan, you are sure to find a location that is worth your budget.

Most of the budget hotels in Japan are equipped with modern equipments such as air conditioner, broadband internet, sink, refrigerator and more. Another good thing about cheap travel in Japan is that many of these affordable hotels are located in the central part of the city and surroundings. This way you will not have to travel far away to watch or shop any of the city's sights. For cheap travel in Japan, it is advisable to choose a budget hotel, which is in good condition. For example, there are several hotels in Tokyo, which are conveniently located near shops and Chinese restaurants.

When you are in Japan, you are surprised by the number of tourist destinations that come both culturally and contemporary. You can also enjoy the heated maritime values ​​and mountainous terrain. The look of Mount Fuji with cherry blossom flowers is the image of Japan, which leaves an impenetrable impression on the traveler. The country is also famous for its fascinating sanctuaries and temples, which bring a rich flavor of the ancient heritage.

Japan is an inexpensive journey easier when you're in your hotel. It will give you more time to prepare in advance a great vacation in the most attractive islands in Asia. You will find several travel sites that will offer you a luxury luxury hotel in a cozy hotel.

Culinary delights are rich in Japan, and not all are expensive. You can taste delicious Japanese food in many restaurants and Japanese hotels, where you can make homemade homemade meals at minimal rates.

The economic crisis in Japan and the crisis value are another reason for the Japanese holiday to become so accessible. It is also a great idea to plan your travel expenses before this disappointing land of skyscrapers and high mountains. It's hard and economical to buy domestic flights as well as cheap railroads in advance for Japan's amazing journey.

Source by Marc T.