Festive knitting work

How many times have you gone through all the efforts and expenses to wear as a gift for someone only when it ends in a dark, shattered corner of their closet? How many times have you woven that "the perfect hand-made festoon sweater" just astonished why it really does not? We all have been there for a few days. Of course, it does not happen all the time, but that happens. This festive season, why not stop some things that, even if they are only done in the holidays, are always happy and caring.

I remember when I had a baby. One of the best New Year experiences I had ever had after weeks of curiosity, wondering when my knees were hanging from the chimney with care. There were countless jokes at the expense of the children. Of course, they were good and not harmful, but it made us wonder what was going on. Imagine our surprise when we woke up on Christmas Eve to see the knitted work that was made for us … and created gifts that were even children that we knew to care and fully appreciate.

There were the best handheld chairs that we've ever seen. Over the years, we kept these handmade Christmas trees and they never wore us because we were stuffed during the festive season, and we still have them. A few Christmas tree jobs will always be rewarded, and they may end up in a warehouse, they will never be eliminated and forgotten.

If you're looking for a knitting job, to keep your memories (and your knit work) alive all the time, tone decor is another place that many never consider. No matter what your personal convictions, there are celebrations that you will most likely celebrate. Why not focus on knitted festive jewelry that will not only be a nice reminder of this holiday but also refer to a work you do with love so that many people enjoy it?

Keep in mind the foolish "chains" you have learned to decorate at school on holidays. Such hand-made fabric chains are quite easy when you're able to master the "linking" process and last for several years. Your knitting work may actually be more than just one case when you do that. Gnomes, chains, and other decorative hangers are usually much more beautiful and more durable than a few colored paper and glue.

Instead of spending all the time to work on tonnages that will be saved and will soon be forgotten, why not try to work in a knitting work or two that should be not only evaluated, but also very well assigned to generations Generation possibilities endlessly.

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Holiday homes in Scotland live in Scottish music

If you plan a holiday in Scotland, then you will likely want to see and hear some Scottish music at one point. There are many hotels around Scotland that live music is hardly finding them. Often you can stay in the Scottish regions that have live music, but not at the night you are there.

Local travel agencies have information on what's happening, unfortunately, when you reach Scotland, if you can not fix your living room if you find it, then the success rate is limited.

On the [http://travelhotelsscotland.tripod.com] site, you can find information about hotels in Scotland that have live music and contact details.

In the Scottish Travel Hotel you can easily plan your trip around Scotland so you can enjoy Scottish entertainment.

In Scotland, it's usually normal to pay entrance fees for bar and hotel music so everyone can do it, check the start time and get at least thirty minutes before watching to be sure.

Many bars and hotels also serve bar dishes from the spread of Scottish, European, and three dishes. Often, you can order your lunch at the place, including your place, at the same time for night-time entertainment.

There are many cases from three to three, but sometimes you can find more orchestras in local theaters and halls.

Time usually starts at 9 o'clock. 00, and it's worth knowing that Scottish evening meals are fed from 5 am to 8 pm
Many visitors from Scotland come from cultures that do not eat in the evening, eating from 8 to 9 hours a meal rendering.

Restaurants are still open, but not in hotels, so you'll have to enjoy the fun. Scottish restaurants usually have no live entertainment.

One word of the word, if you are sitting at the bar, listening to free music, it does not look good if you have not bought something. Music is free, with the hope that the sale will boost the value of the group. It is not necessary to buy alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages, tea and coffee, even the bar makes mineral water.

The night's music can conveniently listen to your relaxation after your traveling. Note even if you see the word "ceilidh" on poster advertising on the night of music as it usually means energetic and happy dancing Scottish dance music, a great entertaining evening.

Many nights of music will be available on Thursdays and Sundays, though you may find scheduling a few weeks of concert planning. It is possible that the visitor will be transported by car to Scotland and receive free music every night.

It is expected that the audience sings in the evening singing hands, applauding, and labeling their legs with music. Also welcome is that the band wants to sing Scottish songs that would like to play your request if they can, because they know they have a happy customer.

A form of non-fulfillment, songs from the pop-ups, and so on, demanding from the Scottish traditional performers will likely become a night-time entertainment.

In the last fifteen or twenty minutes, you will call the bar staff to cry. Recent orders, this is your last time to drink before ordering to close. If the noise is not heard, you can hear the call tolling or any other strange noise that makes the peak the last crazy rush of a bar that will be your signal.

When you plan your music to stop, music may be helpful to check the price of staying at the hotel. There are good reasons for this principle, if you have a lot to drink, you just have to make your way into your room. On the other hand, if you are still rarely, sometimes you can find yourself in the middle of what is called a "lock" and when it is closed after closing the doors, the curtains are closed and the night goes on.

If you're in the Scottish Bar and you're in the company of others, they offer you to buy a drink if you accept it. Be careful that local people are used to drinking local bees and spirits faster than you would be, but you do not have to go on a trip because it feels very likely the next morning.

Taking all this into consideration, if you are willing to start your Scottish holiday and enjoy the added benefit, knowing that in the morning you are going to wake up to see the most beautiful villages in the world.
You can start your planning at my Travel Hotel Scotland Hotel and then learn how to organize the rest of your trip.
Happy Holidays.

Bob Ferguson


(Bob Ferguson is a leading vocalist of Scottish Celtics and Beggars Row folk band)

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Holiday Dangers – Your Three Market Dangers for This Winter and How to Prevent Disaster

Celebrations can be very happy for many families. Regardless of whether you are celebrating Christmas, Manuk, Cavanza, or one of the above, there are many ways to help your holiday with your entire family and include your pet. Being on the safe side is important to know that although many of your pet animals are celebrated for your day, there are some things you should consider. Celebrations should be fun, but the owners of the animals who are not careful can have a tragedy in their hands if they do not know what to look at.

In order to make the holidays as enjoyable and enjoyable as possible, here are three major dogs in this winter and how can you prevent your holiday moods before the disaster?

Christmas Tree Landscaping

One of the best parts about Christmas is that there are many traditions that require protection and are good tools to make your holiday as enjoyable as possible. New Year trees, pigs, mussels, poinsettia plants, all this completely complement the Christmas atmosphere, but they can endanger your pet's health. All of these are poisonous for your dog if it is sufficiently consumed, so being just on the safe side will never place anything where your dog can reach them. There are some types of Christmas tree trunks that make your dog so close that other plants can be removed from your coffin, no matter how clever they can get.

Our guiding parties have a pretty clever idea when it comes to how to hurt those who can hurt them. Cut them off and make sure everything is out of their reach.

Holiday Sweets

Holidays are at the time of exchange and care, and who said we can not do it with our pets? Although it is tempting for you to pass a few pieces of sweets from your Christmas dinner to your faithful four-legged friend, you will get even more harm than good. Sugar is doing horrible things for a dog, and chocolate is even worse. Baker & # 39; chocolate and concentrated chocolate can be a real killer because it looks like high-quality caffeinated products or high concentrations of chocolate.

If you are tempted to share, think twice. Chocolate can send your dog to mass shocks and even coma, from which they can never return. Do the right thing and get a candy dish, a Puppy-approved Christmas tree so every time you heal your dog can also have it. This way you will not have to worry about those who want or get something.

Cold weather products

When winter months hit, people tend to breathe a whole range of respiratory products that will help them fight cold weather. They include salts, antifreeze and other such things. There is no doubt that having a safe environment will be difficult without salt for your sidewalk and if you do not want your engine to freeze the antifreeze, you should know, but you know the internal damage is your best friend.

Antifreeze is the main culprit that gets dogs every year, and if you do not care, you will have a tragedy this year. The worst thing about the antidote is that dogs have the same taste to avoid tragedy, getting or keeping an antiviral alternative to pets, and keeping it away from where your pet will ever be able to go in. Do not let them drink from ponds or lick their hangers after walking.

The worst form of celebrating your holiday is that the loss of your pet mourns. Get the necessary precautions and protect your best friend and many other dangers that make up for months in winter.

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Great Holiday Business Gift Ideas for Your Marketing Strategy

Today's competitive marketplace is a great holiday gift ideas for business and their employers / employees. Business gifts show you that as a company remembered that business and valued their habits. The more gifts you receive, the more likely you remember it. However, holiday gift ideas are even more complicated, as many people use this side of business marketing at festivals of the year and try to think about new creative gifts that will please the recipient.

Candy Bottles for Your Business & # 39; name and logo. You can clearly remember that you remember after the end of the holiday season, when employees are sitting out of sweets, returning to work after returning to feeling what is worrying. A little comfort is eating every day, and again good for the soul, do not let anyone differentiate you. What about gift certificates? Not so personal that you can think, but why not be a little absurd? That's a business business, and in this way you know that they will be able to spend that certificate really, without the need to use it. these seventeen hinders their best providers.

If you truly put your thoughts on it, you can come up with a true variety of different ideas.

o Padfolios

o Business Card Cases

o Castings

o Umbrella

o Letters, money clips, paper crystals – the list goes on.

You can use the same tested and tested gifts, and add them a bit, so they are not exactly uniforms. A blue ribbon with Happy Thanksgiving card, padfolio, with umbrellas, "Christmas" your version of the logo on it; is sure it can not be used throughout the year, but people will look at your logo during the year and think about your generosity. What concerns mothers and Dad's gifts? Sometimes, your business right is Dad's Day! card is attached. The use of fresh and unique ideas will always make you feel that it's just a little time and creativity that is obviously placed in those things that make them more memorable.

Never forget your own product. Rugs, shirts, pens, connectors, and even diaries are designed to capture the attention of the people who watch their feeding coffee sauce from the strap, your logo will be remembered, and the office's workout always needs extra supplies that should never be useless. No matter what you sell, you can send gifts, showing your unique ideas and an active approach to acquiring your future business with valuable customers. It is not necessary to consider more creative ideas that other people probably do not work in their marketing campaigns; in fact, you should make additional efforts to make sure that there are many others. Providing business gifts is more than just a festive mood about remembering and getting a future job.

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Top 10 car rental features for your holiday

You just ordered your long-awaited holiday, but the images on the sunbathing beach are replaced by the idea of ​​organizing all the details included in the transaction. More than planning your trip rather than just booking your air ticket, placement, and car rental.

Car Rental Comparison web sites are fantastic for suggesting all the relevant information you need to provide you with all the details you need for your worthy celebration, just to complete your holiday package.

Here are the top ten of useful functions for your car rental.

  1. The airport's airport . After leaving your car, we want the left hand to be in the best possible hands, but for that value it is worth nothing.
  2. Airport Hotels When booking your car, you tend to find some good suggestions that allow you to save each other together.
  3. G

    and the VIP lounge runs and rests up to 3 hours before your flight, as well as in a quiet area with free drinks and snacks, so you can relax until you start your holiday.

  4. Unlimited car rental insurance It's always the best thing to have a good package when traveling in different countries may take some time to use differences to make you a little worried.
  5. Global Sim Cards The use of your cellphone from abroad can be very expensive, even if you get calls. The World Sim card when you have your international phone number is yours for life, and since it's prepaid, you have not come to the house that is a delicate bill.
  6. Sat Lease Lease Forget these old paper maps and hire a satellite navigation system for your holiday, wherever you are in the world, you can be sure that you will not lose.
  7. Free foreign currency card. Avoid the inconvenience when you exchange money, and use a foreign currency card as any credit card.
  8. Travel Insurance. Now it's possible to customize your travel insurance to meet all of your holiday requirements not only for you but for all others.
  9. Flight Status Knowing whether your flight is timely or does not mean that any holiday is a good start. Using flight intelligence or flight alerts, it is guaranteed that you will never miss a flight.
  10. Travel Forum. You do not know when traveling anywhere, it's always difficult to get all the information you just got right at your destination, to help you get to the best places to visit and help everyone share your holiday experiences with future travelers.

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New Zealand needs to relax

Action, adventure, or just relax, why not plan in New Zealand or a weekend in New Zealand, one of the world's most popular destinations. On the occasion of your holiday in New Zealand, caves, open-air and adventure, tourist attractions, wildlife scenes and nature, food and wine, Maori culture, museums and art galleries, shopping and more. Enjoy a fun celebration in New Zealand, one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


Holidays are your destination, relax and have fun in New Zealand. Working with the right holidays company, you will be able to get the most out of your holiday. They often give a chance to see New Zealand in order not to be able to get a lot of homeowners. To see a range of outdoor activities and sightseeing, you can stay in New Zealand's various holiday homes to compare with any budget and budget. New Zealand vacation homes are looking for two main islands. North Island or Southern Island. Both Islands has a diverse range of activities and scenery for a fun holiday.


New Zealand has different types of quality accommodation that corresponds to all budgets. Hotels, resorts, luxury hotels, self-service motels and apartments, bed and breakfast / family holiday homes, holiday homes, backpacks, holiday slips and resting places. Accommodation options are available at different nights and beds for customized, multi-layered, inclusive packages. Most hotel service providers offer to extend your stay to your stay for an additional day or two with peak or noise. Motorcycle comfort is one of the most flexible hotel arrangements available in New Zealand.


Fresh air, wonderful scenery and outdoor activities are the main attractions of New Zealand that are extremely friendly, honest and helpful people who are misled by their country and after a certain symbol an unusual but pleasant helpless bird " Kiwi. " New Zealand offers many events, especially for adventure types. New Zealand and amazing landscapes, lush forests and amazing wildlife make it a great place for a very relaxing outdoor activity and a great place to disappoint. New Zealand offers a vast variety of activities: packed and stopped events, boycott to skiing, swimming dolphins, hiking on boats and boat trips, as well as world-famous footprints, an inseparable scenery. Many adventurous activities are available on the South Island, and the North Island offers the charm of big cities, some great shopping, as well as some New Zealand sights such as the Maori village of Rotterworth. These activities provide a festive experience for the sophisticated talent satisfaction and the interactive traveler in New Zealand.

Part of the planning challenges for the New Zealand holiday is what should go out. The issue of increasing the New Zealand celebration culture is just to know where to go. Everything you need for a great New Zealand holiday. Fishing out of the beach, golf courses, riding, surfing and swimming, vineyards, white sandy picturesque beaches, fishing boat regulations, including diving and snorkeling, local crafts and pottery stores and fabulous restaurant. With long sand beaches, warm seas and surfaces will soon discover that the celebration in New Zealand is an attempt and a half. For many, a holiday in New Zealand is a lifetime. As you like, the New Zealand holiday is a pure magic.

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Virgin Islands to see your holidays

The United States of America is a group of small islands in the Caribbean Islands that come to the US territory. Mainly the islands are the geographical part of the archipelago of the Virgin Islands and are located in the Leward Islands of Small Antilles. The United States Virgin Islands are mainly composed of three main islands. St. Croix, St. John's and St. Thomas and surrounded by mirror islands. The total area of ​​the island is 346.36 square kilometers.

The United States Virgin Islands is the place where you can enjoy your holidays completely. There are a few tourist destinations that you can explore and experience more than a vacation experience. One of the highest places in the islands is St. Thomas is on the island. This place offers many attractions such as Fort Christian. It is the oldest structure in the Virgin Islands. This castle was built in 1671. Danish side. Now this building is used as a government building, as well as a church and a court building. Until 1983 This fort was used as a prison.

To meet another historic island location, you can visit Blackbeard & Castle. Another oldest building on the island. Today, this restaurant is a famous restaurant and hotel. It likes guests with great hospitality and pleasure. While enjoying a beautiful view of St. Louis Thomas, you can enjoy Sky Ride. This is a few minutes away from the passenger terminal. It allows you to witness the best natural scenery, seeing a 700 feet high, seeing the Charlotte Amalie port. In addition, you can also help with the Trail Walking that will give you a more lock-in look and personal interaction with the island's natural beauty.

For all those who love shopping and want to explore the various orders of the world, here is the best for them. St. Thomas is the commercial capital of the United States Virgin Islands. To make this place a paradise for a full-fledged procurement, the government announced that it was a mandatory free zone. It means the best jewelry for branded clothing. You will get everything at a competitive price. It's worth noting that you have to carry an extra baggage baggage as you can not stop buying a few things.

The United States Virgin Islands are also famous for its amazing water sports. This place has clear crystal clear water, breathing, acquisition of maral reefs, thousands of colorful tropical fish and the best in water sports. If you are a fan of Paradise under water, it is a perfect place for you. Here you can get a life-time experience for diving.

You can also visit the national historical-cultural and ecological warehouse located in the Salt River Valley. This is home to thousands of mango trees, marble sailboats and submarines, surrounded by the sea.

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The most expensive festive events of Stalis are for everyone

Family holidays Stalis is known for couples holidays, beach holidays, holidays for 18 to 30, and mature holidays in Stalis. In fact, it is difficult to find a group that can not appreciate the holidays held in Stalis. The rest of the islands of the Greek is rare, as you will find visitors as you will find the Stalis resort, which offers a little everything that is possibly desirable on the beach and a little more.

First of all, check Stalis for different packages. You may know a little more about the possibilities that Stalis Holidays offer to the whole family – a long list of simply available packages that are accessible to you. More importantly, in these economic times, packages are a great way to make discounts for Stalis and other places in Crete.

Nightlife in Stalis is quite lively, though not as attractive as nightlife and club activities in Mali. Stalis is a more relaxed option for festive entertainment than resorts that are designed to organize protests or even captivate more talented celebrities. What Stalis has is a healthy mix that makes a decent choice for family holidays.

The beaches of Stalis provide great opportunities for beach-friendly families and are happy with the beach all the time. In this charming resort there is much more than a few small beaches, though you are not in danger of doing things. Famous excursions to enjoy Stalis include mini trains to Mali, boat trips to Santorini and traditional villas, which can be found inside. Holidays in Greece are approaching the best Greece offer. Do not miss the cultural treasure chest that await you from the primary health resorts.

Stalis festive rentals are a great way to enjoy the best of Crete. Skip on package holidays and prices that are now lower than they have been for years. Family Holidays Stalis can be the perfect way for you and your family to enjoy the holidays of the Greek Islands. Make your plans today and you can enjoy beautiful views and gorgeous waters of Crete before you know it.

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7 The Best Things to Do (and Visit) During Your Holidays in Tuscany

The most beautiful places to visit in Tuscany

Tuscany is usually considered an Italian monument. In the western coast of Italy, in the Tirrenian Sea, it is the most famous and beautiful holiday destination in Italy, and decided to explore the Italian beauty.

Tuscany is famous all over the world with its unique peripheral landscapes, Tuscany Hills, with their unique caricatures. In Tuscany you can also taste the real Italian food and discover one of the world's most famous wines, Chianti.

Tuscany is also rich in art and history, and in every Tuscan city you can find masterpieces of architecture. Siena and Luccia are full of medieval villages where you can find many fortresses and castles. Firenze and Pisa are rich in Renaissance history and monuments, with the most beautiful churches in Italy. Duomo of Florence and Duomo of Pisa, known for its support tower.

There are so many tourists to see and do in Tuscany, but not enough time to make them all. In order to get the most out of your holiday in Italy, we will present the list of the top 7 events and make your vacation in Tuscany.

1) Visit Pisa and Discover the City (and its Tower Tower)

Pisa's tower is probably the most famous (and most captured) monument to the Italian monument after Rome's Summit. But Pisa is more than its leasing tower. Pisa is an international city organized for travelers around the world. Pisa has a good connection with other Tuscan cities, both local and private, and with the rest of the world, thanks to the international airport, this city is probably the best option if you are looking for a city to accommodate. for your holiday.

The Pisa Historical Center is also rich in monuments and history that can easily be found in Pisa, which ends at Piacenza Miracle Square, where you can admire the Diao Pisa, its portable tower, and impressive Sen- With Louie John the Baptist.

2) Wine Tasting in Chianti
The most popular venue for an exclusive wine tasting experience, of course, is the Chianti area, which is well-known for its world-famous red wine.

The winemaking tour in Chianti will allow you to discover beautiful villas surrounded by beautiful gardens and gardens. In these villas you can taste Tuscan e Super Tuscan Wines right in the local cellars. Here you can find real Italian wines that you can not find anywhere as local produce is limited in size and you can taste them only there.

In the summer wine tasting is directly organized in the vineyards of Toscany.

3) Visit Luca. In the history of Tassan

Lukka is another pleasant place to visit Tuscany. Here you can see medieval buildings and many churches that are simply incredible. The Roman amphitheater located in the city is about 1,900 years old and apparently worth a visit. The city center is completely surrounded by brick built in the 16th century and you can stroll at the top of the wall, about 4 km. Luke believes that one of Toskany's best foods, like Tortelli Lucchesi. The Tortelli Lucchesi is a handmade pasta filled with spicy meat and heavily loaded on a sturgeon, which is exceptionally rich in flavor.

4) Discover Sienna, Palio

Sienna is one of the most famous and visited cities that is extremely rich in medieval history and art. It is famous for its Palio di Siena, which is twice a summer in the famous Piazza del Campo. The historic center of Siena, also referred to as the UNESCO World Heritage site, is built around this square, which has done an artwork with perfect harmony with the surrounding mountains.

Siena is also famous for its narrow streets and garbage bins, which are placed from bricks. If you're healthy and fit enough, it's a good idea to go up to Siena's tall bell tower and some of the sights of the city and the Piazza del Margo below. The people of Siena are very welcome and in this city you can breathe the real Italian atmosphere.

During the Sienna tour, you can not miss the chance to visit a nearby small town, San Gimignano, also known as the Renaissance Manetrae for 13 medieval towers.

5) Discovering the city of Montalcino, the city of Bronnelley Wine

The city of medieval Moncalkino became known all over the world for its famous wine Brunelllo de Monalkino.

Montalcino is built on the hill, and there is a medieval fortress built in the subway architects designed by architects Sienese – Mono Foresi and Domenico di Feo.

Walking through the narrow streets of the city center, you can see a lot of "enoteca" (wine warehouse) and local cellars, noting that this is the hometown of Tuscany wines.

It is obvious that you can not visit Montalcino without wine tasting experience, which should also include local food tasting, cheese and salami. The expert's local guide can only allow you to visit the best wineries in the city.

6) Discover Volterra, one of the most interesting cities in Tuscany

Volterra is a lively city, located in the Pisa region, Siena, Florence and the coast of the sea. Volterra is well-known for its Etruscan origins and many ruins associated with that era, as it is a wonderful Roman theater. At the top of the city you are admired by the real masterpiece of medieval architecture, Medisinian Fortress. The mysterious atmosphere of Voltaire has inspired writer Stefan Meirter in his famous New Moon novel, shot in the famous Twilight script.

Voltaire is also famous for its Alabaster production, in fact, on the city's road you can admire the clay hills, where there are plenty of alabaster stones. Alabaster is mainly used by local artisans for the creation of perfect handmade art.

If you are looking for a rare tour of Tuscany, you probably should visit the Volterra and tell her all the beauties.

7) Visit Florence, Toscane's heart

Last but not least, we have Florence, one of the main points of your visit to Tuscany.

You should use at least a few days of Florence sightseeing. There are many things to see and do in Tuscany's capital.

In this city you can find art, museums, churches, as well as food, wine and Bella Vita (shopping streets, restaurants, cafes, discos). In 1982, UNESCO announced a World Heritage site, which is the best expression of art, culture and lifestyle in Tuscany.

The guided tour of Florence can give you the opportunity to visit the most important places without losing time. You can discover the historic center, the unique Ponte Vecchio over the Aronyan River, you can visit the Uffai Gallery and the Academy Gallery, where it has preserved David David's statue of Michelangelo.

Every day trip to Florence should include the name of Florence Dyuomo in honor of Santa Maria del Far.

A holiday in Florence is also a great opportunity to enjoy a handmade cooking class, a wine tasting experience and a quiet villa in the heart of Florence.

Take into account that in each of the previous listed destinations you can reach the Livorno Cruise port

with Private Shore Excursion

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Stop the Prevention Technique for the Holidays

In the holiday season, many people fall into our lives to drink or smoke. It surprises you when you are surrounded by friends and family, and someone drinks you. Maybe your old friends return to the city and get out of the fun night, which quickly turns into a smoking or worse thing. There are methods of prevention of injuries that can help you or your loved one to avoid these confusion. Empowering your soberness and overcoming your temptations, especially during the holiday season, will create a solid foundation for your future recovery.

You never know what happens at holidays, or it's Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year? Some even feel like "Holiday Blues," which is sad when it's in the festivals. It can be for a variety of reasons, from lack of family interaction to loneliness or change in weather. This can lead to repeated repetition because it prevents depression quickly and easily. For example, if you come back on Thanksgiving Day, it does not mean you should continue to use and beat that mistake.

These shortcomings in the trial do not mean you and there and there are many steps you can take to eliminate it. We calm down on some of the most effective remedial techniques that you can add to your arsenal when emotions or aspirations are felt.

  • Let's remind that preparation is the key to success. What other ways to enjoy the day of drinking?
  • Practice the HALT technique: Avoid starving, angry, lonely or tired before taking part in a festive public event
  • Find new festive events and traditions that you have never tried in the past that do not include alcohol
  • if there are others in your family who see your absence as negative, negative, negative, negative, and comment on how to get hammered for their choice. It's not unusual for such people to try to get you to join them.
  • Take care of yourself before the festivities and celebrations. Sufficient sleep, regular eating, exercising and remembering that it's easy. (relax)

Keeping up with the season's sober period is an important time for addicts and alcohol, and those who can need help to reach the resources they can not use.

Source by Dariusz K